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Ye Of Little Faith

Including Me

About three years ago I had an email exchange with my cousin, Doug, where I gave my opinion that Hillary would be the next President of the United States of America. The voters had previously rejected Mitt Romney, who I thought was a good candidate due to his business background.

Additionally, the voters had chosen ObamaCare. Although I was disappointed in Justice John Roberts’ decision to ‘backdoor’ the legality of ObamaCare if the cost was referred to as a ‘tax’, overall I thought he had done the right thing. With an election looming at the time, he had given the choice back to the country: elect the candidate who favors Socialized Health Care or elect the candidate who favors Free Market Health Care. I couldn’t imagine anyone in politics appealing to conservatives any differently that Mitt Romney.

Then came Donald Trump and a glimmer of hope.

A glimmer, mind you. Never did I believe that he would actually become the last man standing, beating out many other more-politically attuned candidates to become the Republican Presidential Candidate. While he was on the campaign trail, I had many ups and downs as the press dug up locker-room tapes from years gone by.

Election night, I couldn’t watch. It was amazing – after the media had done such a hatchet-job on Trump while failing to mention Hillary’s illegal activities – that the polls showed Trump down by a nominal amount. But I still couldn’t watch. Many had said that Trump supporters were under-reported, as to admit so gained them scorn and rebuke. Still, I couldn’t watch.

I was under the covers, in bed, with the laptop watching Coronation Street on ITV.com, with foxnews.com running in the background. At around 11:30, I checked the results. Hillary was behind which was no big surprise as she catches up easily when the west coast polls close and she gets all three states’ worth of Left Coast votes.

I noticed that California, Oregon and Washington State has already been given to her, and she was still behind. I was confident that Florida would eventually go Republican, I knew Georgia was never in play for Hillary, and I saw that North Carolina had gone red. Then the kicker.

Ohio for Trump. I’d better watch this.

I pushed the laptop and the cat aside to get up to watch history unfold on television. Michigan was in play for Trump, Wisconsin looked positive. God Bless America, there was HOPE!

Fox News Channel was talking about the probability of a President Trump. MSNBC were working on the narrow path available to Hillary. CNN was comatose and fighting over the box of tissues, uncaring as they knew they had only twelve viewers, ten of them watching on Canadian cable television, preparing their spare bedrooms to welcome the celebrities who had threatened to leave the country if Trump won.

When Trump momentum gained in Pennsylvania, a state I never dreamed would turn red, I cheered as left-wing editorialists in New York, Chicago and LA looked at themselves in disbelief. We, the flyover states, the great unwashed, had dared defy the mighty New York Times and do the unthinkable, NOT elect Hillary.

I called it a night when Donald needed just one of the leaning-Republican states of Arizona, Michigan, New Hampshire or Pennsylvania.

Days later, there are many columns where the Press is asking themselves, ‘How did we get it wrong?’. I’m calling “BS”. They didn’t get it wrong. It was never their intent to get it right. Their mission was to get Hillary and the Democrats elected. They incessantly trashed Trump, mis-quoting him as a racist – and by extension, his supporters –  and dredging up trash-talk from years ago, while keeping schtum about Hillary’s transgressions and lies under oath… of late.

We, the Great Unwashed, didn’t buy into it. The tipping point had been reached. We wanted our country back.

Trump’s campaign slogan was, “Make America Great Again”. Positive, a vision with hope for the future. And Hillary’s campaign slogan? Well she must have had one but all I saw was , “Donald is a bum.”

Well, Hillary and your surrogates in the media, there were 60,072,540 of us who thought otherwise.

God Bless America.


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