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Wilma on Vacation

My mother decided that she wanted a change of scenery. She had a brainwave about booking into a different retirement home for a month, under their temporary ‘respite’ program.

We did some checking and decided that she would spend a month at Sherbrooke Heights Retirement Home in Peterboro, Ontario, pictured above and…

It’s a very nice building surrounded by trees, unlike the Niagara Gorge, rock-face view that she has in Niagara Falls. The meals are very elegantly and courteously served and have certainly filled me up whenever I have partaken of one.

Her room has a unique shape…

all furnishings and necessities were suppled and she got settled in very quickly.



Now, does it make sense to leave one paid-for retirement home to go to another retirement home to pay again for a month? It does to my mother, and she seems to be enjoying herself. Also, it was a bit of a test. She was unhappy at River Road in The Falls, mostly because Wilma and her table-mates were not well-suited. She has since moved to a new table to eat her meals, and is much happier.

Additionally, she wanted to see how other retirement homes compared. This Peterboro retirement home has a sister building in Niagara Falls, which, if she feels it is worth it, she will move to at some point in the future.

I went to visit her halfway through her months and we did a little sightseeing in Peterboro.


“Sightseeing” is more a few yards of wobbling then we sit for a while. But at 94, she’s doing quite well, all things considered.




I’ve got a new flare garden in the condo.


I noticed the huge red rose in Brunswick, Georgia. It tickled my fancy, so I brought it up with me. I thought I did a masterful job of selecting the other flares and arranging them into this piece.

Well, in truth, I was the one who selected the flowers.

Sort of.

How about, we used my truck to drive to Michael’s?

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  1. Bob Stephens  September 9, 2017

    That retirement facility in Peterborough is about two blocks from my sister’s home. I always thought it was an impressive looking place. How smart of your mother to explore her options.


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