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Above: the fifth wheel in storage for the summer near Knoxville, Tn.


Did you miss me?

It’s been some time since I wrote a blog piece about my life and times, so, somewhat like the self-important Yearly Round-up that we sometimes receive in Christmas Cards about someone we barely know talking about people we’ve never heard of, here’s mine.

“The only thing constant… is change”, seems to be my raison d’etre, so, going back a while…

Once upon a time in a land far away called Georgia, a man dropped off a woman, who shall remain nameless except to mention that her initials were Sue Clement, at the Savannah/ Hilton Head Airport. To borrow from the Roy Clarke song, “Thank God and Greyhound, She’s Gone.” After three years of struggling, I had decided that it was best to part company as we simply didn’t get along well enough to continue.

The fifth wheel trailer was on order with a three-month build time. I embarked on my illustrious retail career, working in frozen foods at Bi-Lo grocery store. I enjoyed my time there immensely and met some wonderful people. It also helped to pay my considerable electric and propane bill as this was the coldest Coastal Georgia winter that I had encountered, living in a built-for-summer travel trailer with inch-thick, barely-insulated walls.

The time passed and eventually the fifth wheel got delivered to the dealer near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Why there? I had done considerable research on the internet prior to placing the order and Berryland Campers in Ponchatoula was the most reasonable price. I traveled the 650 interstate miles from Lake Harmony RV Park in Townsend, Georgia…

The Entrance to Berryland Campers in Ponchatoula, La.

…then got a Saturday afternoon walk-through with the RV Tech, learning how the fifth wheel worked. I did not go in as a know-it-all but I thought that having RV-ed for a couple of years, some things would be basic.

Yeah, right. This is a whole nuther world.

My very first night, parked in an RV spot at the dealer’s.

Another Tech hitched me up and backed into an RV site on the Dealer’s lot. Then everyone locked the doors, closed the gate and went home until Monday. Let the trial by fire begin. For reasons that would glaze your eyes over, I couldn’t take the fifth wheel into Florida during my first six months of ownership, so it was secondary highways through Alabama and Georgia to get back to Lake Harmony. I camped two nights on the way back and, most surprisingly, no fifth wheel trailers were harmed in the process.

Many folks at Lake Harmony were very, very helpful and supportive. Larry and Shari Kosier, the owners, allowed me to park for two nights in an overnight site, then Larry used his tractor to put my 26′ trailer into the spot beside – backwards – so that the two doors faced each other.

I thought I had downsized quite well. By the time, with help, that all my worldly possessions had been transferred into the fifth wheel, I was convinced that I would qualify for an episode of “Hoarders”.

On-site at Lake Harmony, Townsend, Ga.

With a great deal of help, I managed to clean out, clean up then sell my 26′ trailer on Craigslist, in short order.

For Sale: my introduction to RV-ing.

It served me well.

Time to hit the road.

After an overnight stay in Dothan, Alabama, where The Fleabag managed to wiggle-worm his way out of his harness and wander off in an unfamiliar, one-night RV Park.

The orange blip on the steps didn’t move until I looked away.

Yes, he did eventually return – it was off to Gulf Shores, Alabama. I knew of Gulf Shores and the beach as a summer destination but I never considered that it would be a winter, Snowbird hot spot as well.

Magnolia Springs, Alabama

As was once said about Myrtle Beach, ‘there was more yankees than people’.

Next stop was Hattiesburg, Mississippi…

Hattiesburg, Ms.


Hattiesburg. Ms

and despite drowning my sail foam, I enjoyed my week there.


A few hours away, Natchez, Mississippi for a week.

On the banks of the Mississippi River



Next stop, New Iberia, Louisiana for a week, where that fleabag cat managed to power down the passenger winnder in heavy, stop-and-go traffic and I figured he would be a long-gone goner. An hour later after bouncing down some of the worst roads I have ever driven on… ever… never mind being a greenhorn at pulling a 40′ fifth wheel behind me, I arrived at KOC RV Park… “Kampground of Cajuns”.


Kampground Of Cajuns, New Iberia, La.

Tupelo, getting settled in.

Exploring… with his leash.

After getting over my road rage and also reprimanding the cat, I decided that the roads would be just the same when leaving, and that tearing around the country for a week-or-so at a time – by myself – was nearly as exhausting as it was fun. I went back to the office at KOC and signed on for an additional month’s stay.

As the Hare-Brained Scheme evolved, it was not meant to evolve as a solitary venture. I was now settled for five weeks. I took my life in my hands and sent a gruff invitation to the wench in question last seen at Savannah/ Hilton Head Airport. The invitation included endearing niceties like, ‘This is not a retrial or restart. This is two friends spending a week together in a trailer with two bedrooms.” Also, “Delta does not want a passenger sobbing her way back to Toronto, so please understand fully before making your decision.”

A couple of weeks later, I picked up a woman at the Lafayette Louisiana Airport who bore a vague resemblance to the woman from five months earlier at the Savannah/ Hilton Head Airport. I give her a great deal of credit for sorting out a number of issues in her life and a huge attitude adjustment. A happier her made for a less-surly me, which made for an even happier her, which made for a very happy me. I had put off doing anything tourist-y until she arrived. We enjoyed our Louisiana visit immensely.

Lunch on Jefferson Island, La.


The sign states that alligators can sprint up to 30mph. So guess who is moving further and further away from the safety of the truck to get a better shot?


On our way to Charley G’s Seafood Grill in Lafayette, La.



So, realizing that I am disappointing the many single ladies that probably number well into the nones, I am officially off the market.



The nail that caused the flat tire on the trailer. About four hours for AAA to get a wrecker out to me and get the tire switched out. Fortunately, I was in a Rest Stop.


In Gadsden, Alabama, a 40′ DRV Mobile Suites being pulled by a Freightliner with a Smart Car on the truck bed. I don’t know how Santa is going to get it down the chimney but a Mobile Suites is sure at the top of my Wish List.


Rocky Top, Tennessee… up ‘ere with the moonshiners.


Sue flew back down to help pack up the fifth wheel for the summer season then put it in storage…. definitely a two-person job, especially the first time.

Sue with her buddy, perhaps one of the few up on the mountain who still has teeth


The camper in storage for the summer season, near Knoxville, Tennessee.


Tupelo, home, perched on the balcony in Niagara On The Lake


The much-traveled Fleabag on his perch. (Photo courtesy of my neighbor, Lyn.)


Home, sweet summer home.


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  1. Alistair Mair  June 24, 2018

    Great update. Wishing you both many years together.

  2. Morag  June 26, 2018

    You are both looking good. Enjoy.


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