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Tupelo the RV Kitty

The Poor Waif

It has not been a banner week for Tupelo the RV Kitty. Stuffed in and out of a cat carrier for a thousand-odd miles, unintended bowel movements through sheer terror then dragged by a hind leg from underneath the truck, overnight in a strange hotel room, abandoned in a strange back yard with the heat in the eighties and now living in a 26′ box.

His world has gone from 2,000 square feet in Georgia, to 600 square feet in Toronto, to 200 square feet and a nomad. And that’s the good news. Tupelo has ringworm.



Tupelo started out life a little disadvantaged. I got him as a rescue from the badly underfunded local animal shelter. His story and pictures are here. He was sneezing and had fleas, mites and an upper respiratory infection. Then, it turned out, he had ringworm, which he passed on to my other cat.

I don’t know how he acquired this bout of ringworm. He’s been an indoor cat his entire life and spent the past five months in an apartment that has never seen an animal. My guess is that somehow he got it while we were playing cat and mouse after he escaped in the parking lot of the burger joint in Michigan.

Four years ago, the Vet gave me an ointment which quickly cleared up both cats. I ordered that same ointment from Amazon and had it delivered here, arriving this morning. He was fairly good about it being applied liberally to his forehead and the back of his ears. Though, as soon as I put him down, he found a place to begin cleaning it all off. After an hour, his eyes were watering.



So it became time for a trip to PetSmart to get him an Elizabethan Collar. I put it on him trying to find the sweet spot between strangling him and it being loose enough to wiggle out of. Then I applied more ointment – a smelly, sulfur-based cream that really is ghastly – to the now-hairless area above his eyes and also on the back of his ears

The first thing he did was to try to back out of it and near tumbled off the bed. He has moved around a little bit but I believe he has accepted his fate that I am in the process of killing him.


He can’t eat or drink with the collar on. I guess a little later I’ll take it off for a while and put him in front of his food. Hopefully he will eat before trying to clean himself of that nasty ointment.

I hope it works and I hope it works fast. I don’t know who hurts more… him, or me watching the poor waif. I have said for years that if there is reincarnation, I want to come back as a pampered cat. Now, I’m not so sure.



By the way, yes, we have power… and smooth jazz radio.


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  1. elayne  June 14, 2014

    OMG poor Tupelo. I hope the ointment works fast for both your sakes.


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