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When I first returned to Toronto after an absence of twenty-plus years, I was stunned by the transformation that immigration had made. Canada – and the US – have always been immigrant nations… like me. I am an immigrant to both Canada and the United States.

Typically though, Immigration had higher standards and had not been as easy at it is today. At one time, you needed to prove your value and not be a burden to your newfound land. Immigration was generally from European countries where an additional 200,000 Germans, Greeks, Italians, Poles or Brits would have been noticeable only by the increased traffic.

Immigration from Asian countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, The Phillipines and China, plus Africans from Somalia and Kenya in addition to the Caribbean Islands of Jamaica, Trinidad and Haiti certainly change the complexion of the city and appear to be where the bulk of new Torontonians originated.

Some native Torontonians are very proud of the cultural diversity that this brings to the city. But it’s not the roti, tandoori chicken, dried fish, basmati rice or colorful head wear that makes the front page of the Toronto Sun newspaper, it’s the violent culture and apparent disregard for the value of human life. Yes, it can be said that there is good and bad in every culture. However, not every culture ends up on the front page of the daily newspaper.

“KILLER YEAR: Toronto shatters shooting and slaying records in 2018

The deadliest year in the city’s history looked like it might wind down with a whimper but instead it ends with a bang as bodies continue to drop at an unprecedented rate.

With street gangs out of control and bullets flying daily, Toronto endured an alarming 96 murders in 2018 — surpassing the record high of 89 set way back in 1991.

As of Dec. 19, there were 406 shooting occurrences and 573 shooting victims this year in Toronto.”

Moving forward to January 4th:

“Suspect ID’d in New Year’s Day shooting

A 28-year-old man is now sought for a New Year’s Day shooting outside an after-hours club.

Toronto Police say Leo Soloman Martin is wanted for the shooting that occurred near Oakwood Ave. and Vaughan Rd. just after 5 a.m. on Jan. 1.

Emergency crews responded to the scene and found a man suffering from a life-threatening gunshot wound to the head.”


“Five suspects charged after man shot in head, run over

Toronto Police say two men were walking in a parking lot when they encountered three other men in a vehicle and a verbal altercation erupted.

For unknown reasons, police say the men in the vehicle fired multiple shots at the two men from at least one handgun.

One of the two men was struck in the head, fell to the ground and was then run over by the men in the vehicle.

Five men face a slew of charges stemming from a violent incident…Filmon Fesshaghirgis, 20, of Toronto, is charged with 20 offenses, including attempted murder, assault and a string of gun charges.

Janai Alexander, 22, was charged with 14 offenses, including attempted murder and gun charges. Joshua Sawyers, 18, and Donte’a Mitchell, 21, both of Toronto, face motor vehicle and firearm offenses.”

Despite the policy in Toronto the Good of not specifying the race of these good folks, with names made up of the letters you’re stuck with at the end of a Scrabble game, it’s not difficult to figure out.

Taking that to the ridiculous, if you can’t specify race due to racial profiling, then you shouldn’t specify gender for fear of discriminating. Short people are now allowed into the police force and can be flight attendants despite not being to reach the overhead bins, so you shouldn’t mention height. Fat people might become self-conscious. So I guess the Police bulletin would read: “Wanted: A Person. Please contact us if you have any knowledge.”

“The gun violence is a big problem,” acting Insp. Hank Idsinga, who took the reins of the Homicide Unit in July, told the Toronto Sun recently.

“Ontario will spend $25M to combat gun violence in Toronto, Premier Doug Ford says.” (Link)

This is the same as blaming the fork for obesity.

From The Anatomically Correct Banana…. (Link)

“The United States does not have a gun problem, by the way. The firearm homicide rate in the US seems very high for a developed nation, but that’s until you look under (in?) the hood. The firearm homicide rate for white Americans is 1.7 per 100,000, which is identical to the Czech Republic and lower than countries like Canada, France, and Austria. The firearm homicide rate for Hispanics in the United States is 6.4 per 100,000, or nearly four times that of white Americans. The firearm homicide rate for blacks in the US is 19.8 per 100,000, or eleven-and-a-half times that of whites. This is very obviously not a gun problem, but a people problem, and a black and brown people problem at that.”

Canadians fall over themselves in an effort to prove that they are not only not American but better than Americans. But it sure looks like the City of Toronto is modeling itself on Baltimore, eh?



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