Wherever the Road Leads

Too Many Women, Too Many Pills.

Before marrying me, my ex-wife, Kathy, had dated a ne’er-do-well for three years. She knew he was a ne’er-do-well and that the relationship was going nowhere.

I asked her why she stayed with him for three years. Her reply made a lot of sense. She said, “You don’t make a conscious decision to be in a situation for a specific time period. You react to each day as it happens.”

I didn’t set out with the intention of leading such a nomadic life. I simply reacted to each new day. If I didn’t like a job, a town, a relationship, I moved on and tried to do better, not always successfully.

Along the way I made some acquaintances. Some told me not to let the screen door hit my butt on the way out, one would have left Wisconsin and her grown children behind to come with me.

I’m going to claim that I came by my ways honestly. It all started in the back of a gypsy’s wagon in Scotland. What follows is a list of places living with my folks or that I have lived in long enough to change my driver’s license to that address.

1) Glasgow, Scotland

2) Timmins, Ontario, Canada

3) Ottawa, Ontario

4 – 6) Toronto: North York, Scarborough, downtown Toronto

7 – 8) Burlington & Aldershot, Ont.

9) Toronto: Mimico

10) St. Catharines, Ont.

11 – 12) Tillsonburg, Ont.

13 – 15) Huntsville (2) and Madison, Alabama

16 – 17) Chicago, Illinois: Joliet, Aurora

18 – 19) Atlanta, Georgia: Douglasville, Bethlehem

Three countries, four ‘states’, nineteen residences.


However, my work has involved lengthy projects in various places that I would fly to for extended periods, from weeks to months at a time:

1) Kalamazoo, Mi.

2) Thunder Bay, Ont.

3) Hartford, Conn.

4) Brampton, Ont.

5) Detroit, Mi.

6) Allentown, Pa.

7) Chicago, IL

8) Rochester, NY

9) Lynchburg, Va.

10) Monterrey, Mexico

11) Ponce, Puerto Rico

12) Portland, Maine

13) Laredo, Tx

14) Montreal, Quebec


The seventies had a television program called “Along Came Bronson”, about a guy who travels from town to town on his motorbike, meeting people and experiencing life. At the time, I liked that idea.

Although I’ve never owned a motorbike, it seems I lived the ‘Along Came Bronson’ lifestyle anyway. Not intentionally, just by reacting to each day as it happened. I wonder how many thought that I  was a ne’er-do-well.






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