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This Post Has Five Weeks

The Townsend Update

It’s been a while! It was pointed out to me that there has been no activity for three weeks on the blog, so here, from Townsend Georgia, is what has been happening.

I am really enjoying it here. However, Townsend Georgia does not even qualify as ‘podunk’. It’s too small. Midway between Savannah and the Florida line, Townsend does not have a red light, Townsend has a flashing light at the four-way stop. Townsend has Piggly Wiggly, Dollar Gentral, an independent pharmacy, a restaurant, gas station and a coin-operated car wash where you can get your vehicle spotless for $2.00 worth of quarters if you hustle.

Everything you need – especially the independent pharmacy that near saved my life. Part of the reason for no recent updates is because I had a Man’s Cold. Having a Man’s Cold in 90ยบ weather in a 26′ box is no fun. I have blogged on this before but just in case you missed it, here is the perfect visual of “A Man’s Cold”…


However, my “Man’s Cold” was the easy part and only the beginning of my issues. The very helpful Pharmacist at the Independent pharmacy recommended an allergy relief medicine to help me breathe. I would have chosen something else that was mostly acetaminophen, and not decongestant. Good call, Independent Lady, good call.

Once on the road to recovery, I felt fit as a fiddle during the day, but when I lay down at night, all I did was cough. And cough. And cough and cough and cough. I couldn’t get any sleep and my stomach muscles hurt so badly I thought that some would tear.

Laying flat in bed was hopeless; I couldn’t get any sleep as all I did was cough. So I came up with this idea…

bag chair1

bag chair2

bag chair3

I put my ugly green bag chair at the foot of the bed. I put a pillow on the bed, Sitting in the bag chair, I curled over to put my head on the pillow, my arms crossing my stomach. It was awkward but I wasn’t laying flat so wasn’t coughing – as much – and in that position my stomach muscles weren’t feeling the same strain.

I went back to the Independent Lady at the Independent Pharmacy and told her that I have never been a proponent of cough medicine, but I was desperate. From behind the counter came a magic elixir that worked perfectly with my bag chair and the fetal position and I began to get three and four hours of sleep each night. It was wonderful!


Trailer Modifications


When I first considered this lifestyle of living in an RV, I had very little experience to draw on. Well, I had ‘zero’ experience to draw on. But… Ready… Fire… Aim… how difficult can it be? I had to accept everything as it appeared and figure out why if something didn’t work. I have been cooking on my stove daily for as long as I have been homeless.

Much like if, in the South, you see a car with its turn signals flashing, you assume it came from the factory that way, my stove came to me a certain way and I didn’t question it. It even had a great place to set my egg where it wouldn’t roll off.


The frying pan and the sauce pans sat a little wobbly but never proved to be an issue.

Recently, the white stove-top got messy so I removed the iron grill that sits on top. After cleaning I reassembled everything. Suddenly, my saucepans fit better but my egg holder had disappeared.


For the first time I must have put the grill back on ‘upside-down’, the way it was designed so that the indents were lined up over each burner. That’s the one down-side to living this life by yourself. When such moments occur, there’s no one to share your bone-headedness with.

I am really enjoying it here in the Coastal South but there is a large drawback – the fine sand that gets everywhere and into everything. I mentioned to my neighbor that I could use a pallet for a make-shift Mud Room to wipe off the sand before trekking it into the camper. He is a retired Trooper who got bored being retired so he works at a lumber yard. He told me they had used pallets by the truckload and he would bring me one.


He took it a step further and nailed a piece of plywood on top to make it a flat and safe surface. I had a cheap and dirty runner that wasn’t being used for anything else, so it now has a purpose and I have a less-sandy camper.


The Last Vestiges


I had no difficulty putting the contents of my house onto Craigslist and onto my driveway for a garage sale, with the exception of some dried flare arrangements and some wall art. Those I couldn’t bear to part with so have been stored at my neighbor’s house for a year and a half. It was time to deal with them, as, whenever I head north, I am going to store my trailer here at this RV Park. I am not going to pull it back to the neighbor’s yard to store.

I drove the 280 miles through to Bethlehem yesterday morning, then back to Townsend in the evening. It seemed a little unusual as this is the first trip of any length that I have made without the cat being in the truck.




Now what do I do with them? There are clocks, a mirror, a few large framed prints, a number of small framed prints, an 8 x 10 area rug and various flower arrangements.

Some I’ll give away, some I’ll chunk and some I’ll take to Canada. Explaining the Hare-Brained Scheme to a Customs Officer is liable to get me a jail term on confusion and suspicion alone.


I’ve Got a Job!!



Next weekend I return to Canada as I am going to have an operation on my foot. Recovery will take three months. When I return, however, I have a job to come to.

I am going to be ‘workamping’ here at Lake Harmony. In exchange for site rental – water and sewer, wi-fi, cable TV plus a $75 monthly allowance towards power, I will be a Camp Host twenty hours per week. I will learn the office duties – reservations, payments and booking people in, as well as showing RV-ers to their site, cleaning up sites, cutting grass, cleaning the bath house and filling propane bottles.

I’m looking forward to it. This will give me some experience that I’m hoping to parlay into workamping jobs in other states… the ones that I’ve been trying to get to since the Hare-Brained Scheme began. I’ll get there eventually. As Chiang Kai Shek said, “A two thousand mile journey begins with buying an RV and putting the stove-top on right”.

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