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The Stress is Getting to Me

The Camper is level but I’m buckling

Wal-Mart called. They’re worried about me because I haven’t been there in a few days. The store manager was looking forward to a banner month. I should have gone, really. Not having suntan lotion is compounding my issue.

After five long, Canadian winter months, I appear to be the only one in the South without a tan. I found a great place here in the RV Park to go to, on the brown jetty on the far side of the pond (below). My site is surrounded by trees keeping it cool, thankfully, but not ideal tanning conditions. I found a great place to sit in the sun, reading a very good book by Daniel Silva. He writes about a fictional Israeli counter-terrorist; I had never heard of him but read a couple of his books from the library on the Queen Victoria.

My dilemma: how do I sit in the sun for just the right amount of time to tan, without getting burnt, but be able to complete this book in the great Georgia outdoors? In addition, I keep wondering what the poor people are doing. No wonder my hair is white.



The UPS truck arrived yesterday with my bottle jack. I had been to Lowe’s Indoor Lumber Yard the day before and had them cut me an 8′ 1×6 into two, four-foot lengths for under the tires on the downhill side of the camper. The six-ton jack worked like Jack the Bear and got the camper high enough to slide the boards under the tires without loss of life or limb.



When I go back to Lowe’s for the 1x8s, I’ll have them cut a 12′ section in half. This 1×6 was only an 8′ section, making each piece four feet long and not long enough to properly place the (yellow) wheel chocks.

jack3Look at that bubble!! As close as damn is to swearing, it’s level.

When I was buying the lumber, I looked at it and looked at it and my gut said to go with a 1×8, two inches wider. But I stuck with what the RV Mechanic had suggested. He’s been at it since the seventies and I’ve been at it seven days. However, my next trip to Camper’s Paradise (Wal-Mart) I’ll stop by Lowe’s next door and get the wider boards.


Tupelo’s hair loss has been abated, the redness has gone and he is no longer scratching above his eyes and the back of his ears. Importantly too, he seems to be eating much closer to his half-cup of food per day, instead of a nibble here and a nibble there as he waited on death.




I went to church on Wednesday night. Usually, Bible Study is done by the Assistant Pastor but this week, it was the Pastor himself. The big difference is that the Pastor likes to sing a few good ole’ songs from the Hymnal before we get underway.


Rev. Chris Conner

Now I realize that the future of any church does not lie with old coots like me and those ladies even older proudly sporting blue-rinse hair. I know that today’s religious ‘songs’ whose lyrics are projected onto a screen, have more impact to a younger person who will be drawn to pounding bass and the beat of the drums much more than a wheezing old pump organ with foot-pumped bellows.

But I hope that songs like, “Power In the Blood” and “Are You Washed in the Blood” don’t ever die out. Singing those old songs here in the South is such a lot of fun as the lyrics change…

“There is par, par, wonder-working par
In the blood of the Layumb;
There is par, par, wonder-working par
In the precious blood of the Layumb.”


“Are you warshed in the blood?
In the soul cleansing blood of the Layumb?
Are your garments spotless, are they whaaaat as snow?
Are you warshed in the blood of the Layumb?”

I love that church, Faith Baptist, and I’m really going to miss it, the preaching staff and the people when I move on from the area. There are various versions of The Bible – King James (a Scotsman), NIV – the New International Version – and the Faith Baptist Southern Interpretation where the angel came to Mary and told her, “You’re fixin’ to have a baby.”

I will go to my grave smiling at that.

And if this pressure keeps up, my grave might not be too far off.

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