Wherever the Road Leads

The Sky Is Falling

Thank you, Lord.

Getting set up at this RV Park outside of Hattiesburg Mississippi was an experience. It started in the morning when I was getting ready to leave Magnolia Springs Alabama.

I thought it would be best to do as much as I could with the cat still inside the camper. To properly line up the hitch in the bed of the truck to the pin on the camper, I need to open the small pane in the center of the back window. Tupelo doesn’t like being in the truck as it means he’s moving to a new location, which he doesn’t like, or he’s going to the Vet, which he likes even less. Any opportunity to bold through an open window and he’s long gone.

This cat is no dummy. When we’re traveling to or from Canada, it means at least one night in a motel room. He’s okay in the evening, he’s okay throughout the night, however when he’s left alone in the room come breakfast-in-the-lobby time, he disappears. He has learned that most motel beds are built on a three-sided platform. He goes to the top of the bed where it’s open and crawls underneath the box spring. To get him ot, I have to take off the mattress, then the box spring, grab him by the scruff of his neck and load him into the truck. Then I go back inside to reassemble the bed.

The bed in the camper is similar to a bed in a motel room, I learned. Once hitched up, I went looking for the cat. After eliminating all other possibilities, I got the flashlight and on my hands and knees, I found him. The platform on which the mattress sits is hinged and raises up. There is a platform under that so that you can use that area for storage. In essence, the bed has three platforms. The mattress sits on the top platform, you store things on the platform below, and then there’s the floor.

Tupelo had himself wedged between the floor of the camper and the storage platform. I had to go to my toolbox to get a screwdriver in order to remove the screws, take out a layer of plywood, grab the cat by the scruff of the neck and load him into the truck, then reassemble the bed.

The trip to the RV Park was relatively uneventful. I was assigned my site and after forty-eleven attempts, I was backed in fairly straight. Close enough, anyway. However, I couldn’t get the trailer unhitched from the truck. It shouldn’t be that difficult to do… pull a lever to release the hitch from the camper, then drive forward. The lever wouldn’t budge.

I tried straightening out the truck so that truck and trailer were exactly in line. Nope. So, I got my phone and googled my problem. I didn’t appear to be missing a step in the process. I laid my phone down on the bed rail of the truck then thought, ‘that’s pretty stupid, a black phone balanced on a black truck that’s going to be moved’, so I placed it in a compartment in the camper.

It took three of us but we got it all figured out, unhitched and level. Part of the hitch issue was the site itself. It’s a pretty site beside a small lake but the site slopes down to the lake from the road. Meaning that the truck was flat but the trailer sloped down on an angle. Which soon caused an issue with the auto-leveling as the rear stabilizers couldn’t extend far enough. But we got it done.

If you can’t raise the bridge, lower the river. The front of the trailer is almost on the ground so that the rear stabilizers can make contact with the ground.

Next, I plugged in the 50 amp power cord and hooked up the water hose, turning the faucet on at the utility pedestal. I noticed water spraying all over where it shouldn’t be spraying all over. Where there should have been a washer, there wasn’t one. I fixed that easily enough.

I had foolishly placed my phone on the bottom of this compartment which got soaked when the water hose wasn’t properly attached.

Then noticed my phone on the floor of the compartment. Drowned.

What a banner day.

However the next morning as I was driving in to Hattiesburg and the Cricket Wireless store, it was a beautiful 80º morning, the sun was shining and I had to smile. What did I have to be stressed about? I gained experience in backing in, in unhitching, about auto-leveling and about where not to leave my phone.

I have my health, a fabulous life, brand new, luxurious living quarters and a fleabag friend who likes to play hide and seek.

Thank you, Lord, for my many blessings.


M R Ducks… mottled ones under the neighbor’s camper.

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