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I once knew a man who married a woman with three children. He did not get involved in their discipline. I thought that wrong.

I married a woman with two children. I got involved in discipline. What I learned was that you are an expert in raising children only until you have one. A woman told me later that a step-father should live like a boarder in the house. Maybe. However, my friend who heeded the ‘boarder’ advice, his marriage lasted a whole lot longer than mine did.

In a somewhat similar vein, despite the fact that I am an American citizen, I have tried to live somewhat like a boarder when it comes to criticizing the USA. I believe that I have a unique point of view. I love the United States, I am proud to be an American and I love their gung-ho patriotism and enthusiasm for and about their country. However Americans have a very geo-centric point of view, knowing very little about non-American ways of doing things. Perhaps that could use some improvement.

I come from Canada, a country with the national pastime of watching America and Americans. Canadians have the benefit of everything American then become critical of their benefactors. That could use some improvement as well.

I am going to be rather general as, it is my blog, after all, and there are usually exceptions to every set of circumstances.

I grew up a conservative, believing in personal responsibility, benefits and consequences. I believe that if someone spent more time in a learning institution than I did, bettered himself more than I did and is able to earn more money and have a more extravagant lifestyle than I can afford, he deserves to reap the benefits.

I believe that if a person put less effort into life than I did, he deserves to reap also, though consequences, not benefits.

Liberals/Democrats/Socialists have very noble causes. I agree with many of those causes. Where a Socialist and I part company is how those noble causes will be financed, and for how long. And will the long-term effect be the loss of an individual’s responsibility for his own well-being… entitlement?

As a political power, Democrats are very, very smart people. They also have the national media on their side, selectively telling parts of the story.

Republicans seem to believe that they have the no-longer-allowed Ten Commandments on their side and that the truth will out. Sadly, it appears that Republicans cannot be described as smart people.

When Barack Obama, a Democrat, was elected President of the United States, I became a citizen so that I could vote against him. I was glued to Fox News for four years, convinced that the country would see fiscal sense, recognize right from wrong and elect Mitt Romney, a businessman.

When Obama was elected again, I retired. I hatched the Hare-Brained Scheme, living a carefree, homeless lifestyle amongst older, white Republicans who never discussed politics.

But I still had hope for the Republic.

Since Obama’s re-election there have been signs of hope. I became thrilled when the Republicans were given a majority in both Congrss and the Senate. Short-lived hope and a short-lived thrill.

Recently, Obama the King Socialist has not felt he required the American government to enact his whim, in this case, Amnesty for Illegals. No problem, thought I, the Republicans control both Houses, they’ll be able to stop him.

Guess again.

House Speaker John Boehner could not get a consensus among the party and politicians that we, the people, elected them to do. Twenty-two Senate Republicans and seventy-five House Republicans sided with the President and the Illegals. (See turncoats here.)

Lord, help us.

Is the sky falling over this one issue? Yes and no. The vast majority of these Illegals will vote Democrat because Democrats give them free stuff. The Republicans will struggle to ever get re-elected.

The sad part is, however, that even if the Republicans did get re-elected, they are thoroughly ineffective. These folks couldn’t organize a birthday party in a cake shop. The giraffe came to be when Republicans tried to design a horse.

This week in her column, lawyer, conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter (website here) eulogizes M. Stanton Evans, a journalist, author and educator. She writes….

“He’s right about immigration being the most dangerous threat to America’s survival since the Cold War. Immigration, Stan wrote a few years ago, “is strictly about the votes, and nothing but the votes. All the rest is sham and smokescreen. Obama and his party want their 70 percent of these 11-plus million illegals and will stop at nothing to get it.”

Two weeks ago, he told me not to give up. And neither should you, America.”

I’m sorry, Ann, but I do indeed give up.

The Roman Empire lasted 1500 years, ending in 1453. The Ottoman Empire lasted 700 years, ending in 1919. The British Empire first began in 1497 and ended in 1999, when Hong Kong was returned to the Chinese.

The Republic we know as America is on its last legs and it the death knell is as close a a vote for Hillary away. Not so much that the Democrats won, more so that the Republicans are lost.

Out of principle I will tear myself away from my nomadic, head-in-the-sand lifestyle, living and traveling with elderly, white Republicans, returning to northern Florida from wherever I am, to cast my ballot in 2016. But my heart will not be in it.

Good luck, America. You’re going to need it.


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  1. Nancy Marley-Clarke  March 8, 2015

    I would never want an elected Senate here in Canada. Gridlock, such as you have in the US, would be the result. I also don’t envy a country with only two political parties. Obama is a coward and a liar. His objections to Keystone are simply not borne out by the facts.


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