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The Long Lost Update

Another Winter in Canada??


After four days of madness and windshield time, I arrived back in Toronto Thursday evening. yes, a few things have happened.

After being so absolutely adamant that I drive from where it would have been simple to winterize and park the camper, my mother insisted that I start the job at Amazon in Nashville, pulling a trailer, about a six-hour drive away .

Amazon is a good company to do very hard work for. When one has lived a somewhat sedentary life for the past two years, returning to the work force takes some getting used to. Taking on the physical demands of a job at Amazon takes even more. It was a tough, ten-hour, four day shift of constant standing, bending, twisting, lifting and grasping. I really needed the three days off to recuperate.

For us Camperforce Workers, there was an end date, we were lucky. One woman, about fifty, who was working there through a Temp Agency asked me one day, “Don’t you want to get hired on permanently?” That comment made me realize how lucky I was. And should be a light going on for any teenager considering foregoing a college education.

My mother called me last Saturday night and asked if I could return to Canada to help her out after the Amazon job was complete, in January. I agreed. The next morning, she called again to ask if I could come to Canada as soon as possible. Let the scramble begin.

This meant the trailer had to be winterized. I had called my former neighbor to ask if I could drive the six hours back to his yard and park it there. I had not planned on ever winterizing the trailer, If it got close to freezing water lines, then it was time to head further south.

So I had to clean out everything including the fridge and freezer, plus drain and blow all the water out of my lines and tanks… all the while living in the trailer. This is a bit like trying to raise a bucket by its handle while standing on its rim. While keeping tabs on a cat. I got it done, I hope. I did a lot of research on this lifestyle but skipped over the chapters on Winter.

After a trip to the laundromat, I had no idea what to pack for how long. I arrived with a carry-on suitcase of winter clothes, a box of other goods, my laptop and the cat. What I don’t have I will need to use my gold card to acquire at the nearby exclusive couturier – Wal-Mart.

Tupelo seems to have settled in to a home that looks familiar and is bigger than 26′, though not by much. He headed straight for where his food was kept last winter and has jumped up onto the bathroom counter, waiting for the faucet (“tap” in Canada, the one word that I now find weird) to be turned on for him to drink from the drip. He was most curious at Canadian Customs, trying to crawl out the window, perhaps wanting to become a part of the life of a shift-working Windsor Customs Agent, a life more stable than his own has been of late.

My mother seems to have good days and bad days, but every day she is glad that I am here. I am the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, making sure she eats regular meals regularly, and takes her medication as she should. I think her shingles got to be so extreme and her body got to be so run down, that she has had a very hard time getting the shingles to clear up. They may be with her for a long while to come.

I believe that with a 24/7 care-giver, which would be me, her body will get stronger. Additionally, she does not have to worry about getting things or doing things for herself – despite starting laundry while I was at church this morning – and will alleviate some of her anxiety.

One day at a time, I guess.


“Buckle up your overcoat,

Let the cold winds blow,

Take good care of yourself,

Canadian winter again.”



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  1. elayne  November 2, 2014

    what a good son you are Gordon and dare I say, this labour of love is a tad easier than working at Amazon.. Take care.. winter is not that bad if you are dressed for it. and not living outside of course. et

  2. Morag  November 4, 2014

    Glad you are home with your mom. I think she really needs 24 hour care at this time and hopefully can return to her normal self once she is back on her feet.
    I know Debbie has done a lot for her over this period. What a lovely lady.
    To work on the shingles, try using nail polish remover with Acetate (I know it sounds weird). It helps to dry out the scabs and was suggested to me by my doctor. You just dab it on the scabs.
    Thanks for changing Dad’s clocks for him. I had planned to do it on Sunday when we picked him up but was very pleased to know that you had done it on Saturday.

    • gordon  November 5, 2014

      Thanks, Morag. I enjoy your dad, so it was a pleasure to go to help him out.

      My mother and I went to see the in-house doctor this morning. She has very few scabs left, maybe a half-dozen, each the size of a dime. the doctor says she has come a long way. there is still a very large area that is red blotches, but the whole area was no longer “angry”, as it was described. I believe he has upped her pain medication, hopefully that will help.


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