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The Fourth Estate is a societal or political force or institution whose influence is not consistently or officially recognized. “Fourth Estate” most commonly refers to the news media. It is the Liberal Fourth Estate that has morphed the Kardashians from nobodies to millionaires, generously padding their own pockets in the process. The Liberal Fourth Estate has made Bruce Jenner a courageous hero and Tim Tebow a Christian grandstander. The Liberal Fourth Estate is indeed a noble group.

The Fourth Estate gave Hillary a pass on the mess-up in Benghazi, and has been Barry’s best buddy.

These days, the Liberal Fourth Estate in the US has an agenda it may think it is for the greater good, however it is dividing the country racially back to the days of the KKK. Recently the media satellite trucks returned to Ferguson Missouri for the anniversary of the lawlessness that ensued after a policeman fought for his life and defended himself.

After a Grand Jury in the State of Missouri and then a separate nose-where-it-doesn’t-belong investigation by the Department of Justice both cleared the policeman of any wrongdoing and proved the local ‘eyewitnesses’ liars, MSN.com described Ferguson as, “where an unarmed black man was shot and killed by a white police officer”.

The comments section exploded at the implied racism in this piece of blatant Yellow Journalism.

“And we are remembering a year anniversary for what?? Please correct me if I am wrong – we commemorate an individual who was high, stole from a store and assaulted a police officer.”

“Keep glorifying this criminal and you will get a whole new crop of low life thugs. The younger kids see his actions as something to be celebrated and they will end up dead or in prison. Pull your heads out of the sand and call him what he is…a thug who attacked a policeman and was shot because of it.”

“People who honor this vicious thug are on the wrong side of history.”

There were many, many more all stating the same thing… in all this looting, not one pair of work boots was stolen. The entitled, thug mentality pandered to by the Liberal Fourth Estate. Seen as co-conspirators…

“Obama and Sharpton top the list off those that are on that wrong side of this conflict..”

“Don’t forget our great Attorney General, Eric Holder, who completes the devil’s triangle alliance.”

The Federal Democrat government seems to be thwarting the States at every turn in their effort to control the chaos. “Racial Profiling”. Give me strength. If the police discover that the majority of people they pull over for drunk driving are Catholics, then they’re not going to set up a spot check opposite the Presbyterian church, are they?

What is wrong with proving that you are in this country legally, and providing acceptable documentation? Voting is a privilege, why should you not have to prove who you are? 

Government these days seems to be accommodating everyone but the majority, and the majority is becoming extremely irate. Thus the surprising (to some) and unwaning support for Donald Trump.

Trump appears to be immune to the Liberal Fourth Estate. He revels in them and their criticism – there’s no such thing as bad publicity. After making the statement that Mexico was sending us its muggers and rapists, the press tried to excoriate Trump – to brand him a racist. Any other candidate would have spent the next six months apologizing. Not Trump – who is speaking what everyone but the Liberal Fourth Estate is thinking – he doubled down with an even more outlandish statement – “Mexicans love me!”.

When he spoke less-than-flatteringly of John McCain, the press was all over that as well. Not even a speed bump in The Donald’s poll numbers.

Is Trump the right man for the job? Despite his ratings, is he the most practical man for the job? If elected, could he endure the agonizingly slow process of changing the behemoth that the American government has become? Will he become frustrated and resign when he discovers he can’t fire people who want to thwart his vision?

Perhaps, perhaps not.

The Cunard ocean liner the Queen Mary II is approximately 1,100 feet long – one fifth of a mile – and takes four-and-a-half miles to turn it around. Some milquetoast Republican contender who will get chewed up by the Liberal Fourth Estate will not get elected and not be able to turn this country around. The GOP needs Trump, and the country needs his outlandish ideas to get the SS America steering towards the political center again.

Okay, so we can’t put a FedEx sticker on Anchor Babies and their families and send them back to Mexico. At least now the Republican contenders are talking about immigration reform instead of pussy-footing around the subject in case they don’t get an Illegal Immigrant’s Democrat vote. There’s an old expression about haggling…

If he offers two dollars, he means four dollars, he wants it for six dollars, he’ll pay eight dollars, so ask for ten dollars.

The philosophy is exactly the same with Trump’s platform; suggest the outrageous to get what you want, which is somewhere in the middle. Before Trump entered the race, I was convinced that the country was headed to hell with Hillary. I was convinced that common sense and fiscal responsibility were obsolete.

Trump may not make it the distance. But he is making it safe for the other candidates to address what the every-day person is feeling but is being bullied if he puts it into words.

Trump 2016!


That is, of course, if I was still concerned about politics. My ‘homeless’ lifestyle affords me the luxury of living with like-minded, white, retired Republicans while traveling the country from RV Park to RV Park during the months of the year I am in the US.

And during my time in Canada, I have found a charming little haven that has distinct possibilities, where everyone looks like me. Some photographs of a recent trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake.














Beautiful place. ‘Em flares wus strode ever’whar.



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  1. Hollee Haswell  September 4, 2015

    Glad to see you on the road again and that Wilma looks so well, after all you’ve been through.
    blessings and hugs,

  2. elayne  September 12, 2015

    finally! now we know what you have been up to .. You are excused for making us wait for the most recent chapter of your vagabond life. lol . Seriously though Gordon, I have missed your witty remarks and would like to thank you for sharing your pictures of beautiful Niagara-on- the-Lake. I am glad your mother is doing well. Take care and ” keep those cards and letters coming” please.


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