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The End of Politics

Some of you may have noticed me strangely quiet about this year’s American Presidential election. Well, here it is – my opinion. Hopefully you’ll agree that it is well-worded, even if you don’t agree with its content.

The beauty of running a Blog is that one can opine at length about anything, without contradiction or interruption from someone of the opposite view. What follows is my opinion and belief, as it is my Blog. Some may agree with me, some may disagree, as is your right. Here is how I feel.

I am a conservative, meaning a Republican in the U.S. and a Conservative in Canada. I became a conservative while living in Canada, in the capital city, Ottawa. My beliefs stemmed not so much from a platform in which I believed, as a platform that I thought was wrong.

In the past I have quoted, “How to get elected. Determine who might vote for your. Bribe them.”

The Liberal Party in the sixties determined that their base was in French-speaking Quebec. The Liberal Party promised Quebecers the moon… bilingualism and a huge influx of Federal money through things like Expo67 and moving many Federal Services from older buildings in Ottawa to edifices that they promised to build across the river in Hull, Quebec. King Pierre – Pierre Trudeau began his anti-Anglo reign.

Realizing that he couldn’t accomplish his pro-French agenda with the way Canada was currently governed, which was by the British North America Act, where many changes had to be approved by British Parliament, he worked on writing a Canadian Constitution so that he could mold the country in a fashion that, to quote the wife of an executive of Distiller’s Corp that I met who had dated him in university, was too radical for her.

So, I didn’t really become pro-conservative as much as I became anti-liberal. I suppose I verge on “libertarian”. I think the government should pay those who protect us – police, fireman and armed services – pave the roads and stay out of my life.

The liberal agenda, in many social ways, has been a noble one. My years of being of Scottish heritage though, have always made me wonder, “just who is going to pay for this noble idea?” And that is my main beef with Social Democrats.

“No CCF Government will rest content until it has eradicated capitalism and put into operation the full programme of socialized planning which will lead to the establishment in Canada of the Co-operative Commonwealth” This was the 1933 manifesto of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation which, in 1961, joined with the Canadian Labor – oops – Labour Congress to form the National Democratic Party, now better known as the NDP.

This manifesto, I believe, is much similar to President Obama’s current agenda.

To me, a country thrives because of capitalism, not in spite of.

As a money-maker, government produces nothing. Government revenue comes from taxes. There has to be capitalism to produce jobs and profits which can be taxed. Even a parasite knows enough not to kill its host.

To say that I am disappointed in the results of this recent election would be a grave understatement. For the past four years, I have had my face glued to Fox News, listening to every pundit and hoping that the American people would have some sense. The American Health Care system is broken. But Obamacare, a mammoth government takeover of one sixth of the American economy, back-doored through the political process, is not the answer.

At issue, many American conservatives believe that this is yet another gift to lethargic minorities, the base of the Democrat Party. I disagree with it as I am still not sure that Nationalized Health Care is the best solution. I don’t hear much flag-waving over Britain’s National Health Service and some of you may have read my piece on Keith Palmer and Obamacare, where the Canadian Health Care industry failed Keith who died of the same ailment that I had, and lived through it. (See here.)

Force the Industry to fix itself, allow for competition and limit lawsuits for a start. Don’t give control to the same group of incompetents who brought us the Post Office….government.

Adding to the above belief is the liberal lie that it will not cost anything more. True, if you are already a group of the aforementioned Democrat base. But if you’re a working stiff… give me a break. Adding 33 million people to Justin Bieber’s fan club would cost a fortune, let alone looking after their Health Care as well.

However the Fox News pundits were wrong. The polls were right, if not even too conservative in predicting an Obama win. The American people have spoken with their votes and those who think differently from me outnumbered those with similar beliefs. This is a Democracy and the majority has spoken.
When I first moved to the U.S., I was so happy to be here, everything was so new and so great, I couldn’t have told you who was President. This was during the Clinton years. I couldn’t vote anyway, although it has always been joked that if I had promised to vote Democrat, they would have found a way. George Bush was elected in 2001 and I paid attention only because of the ‘hanging chad’ ballots and how long it took before he was declared the winner. He was a Republican, and that was all I cared about.

I continued my pattern faithfully, ignoring anything political, until Barack Obama was elected. Uh-oh. A Democrat. Not only that, a Chicago Democrat. By this time, I had lived in Chicago for three years and knew how the city is run. Half of Illinois’ Governors have gone to jail on bribery or corruption charges since the 1970’s. (See here.)

While I was living there, the corruption trial for a previous Governor, George Ryan, was declared a mis-trial the first go round, as one of the jurors had been convicted of either bribery or corruption, so was therefor ineligible as a juror. Chicago is pathetic. Elliot Ness took the power and corruption from the gangsters and gave it to the politicians.

It was time to wake up, pay attention and get my citizenship so that I could help vote him out. And that is how my infatuation with Fox News began. I used to try to watch MSNBC during the commercials on Fox. However, they became such ridiculous cheerleaders for Obama, hanging off his every word and covering up his every mis-deed, that even for a laugh, I couldn’t bear it.

CNN is little better. John Sununu, former New Hampshire Governor and more recent Republican pundit, about a month ago thanked CNN morning host Soledad O’Brian, saying it was “always a pleasure to come on the Groupie Channel”

Not only that, the women on Fox are hot. In addition, they’re smart. Monica Crowley, Andrea Tantaros, Dana Perino, Kimberley Guilfoyle and even Ann Coulter, who is a little boney for me but can out-logic and out-argue any Democrat then write about it.

Above – some of the ladies on Fox News

Below, CNN’s Candy Crowley at the 2012 Presidential Debate


I’ll try to be generous and say that I hope and pray that, bless their hearts, the hags on MSNBC and CNN are smart.

Election Day was the last time I watched Fox News, or any of the other networks that are an extension of the Obama campaign. I buried my head in the sand before Obama and unfortunately, it is time to return to the ostrich position.

There is nothing that I can do. I have been out-voted. I happen to think that the country is headed in the wrong direction, but I am in the minority. If Obama and the Democrats do continue down what I see as a slippery slope, it is not my generation who will suffer. For those who believe that big government and social planning are benefits, it is they who will be paying additional income taxes and eventually a Value Added Tax, long after us old folks quit working. There’s no free lunch. Someone has to pay for these Social Programs.

Similar but different to a parasite, is a parasitoid. The difference? A parasitoid eventually kills its host. As said before, the government produces no income, it only leeches out taxes.

Good luck, America.

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