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The Celluloid Loves of My Life

…that’s ‘celluloid’, not ‘cellulite’ !!

I have pretty much given up on network television. I used to enjoy reruns of some of the better shows like “Mary Tyler Moore”, Cheers” or “All in the Family” but it reached the point that I had seen every episode a few times over. Television used to be good, though, and has been quite an influence in my life, back in the day when there weren’t as many commercials.

Over the past sixty-odd years, I have had many star-of-stage-and-screen “Loves of My Life”.

The first, as she was every   young man of my age was Annette, from the “Mickey Mouse Club”. I don’t know how many countless millions of pimply-faced thirteen-year-olds she accompanied through puberty.

Annette Funicello

Next came Connie Stevens, from “Hawaiian Eye”…

Connie Stevens

Elizabeth Taylor in “Cleopatra” had a profound influence, from her eyes to her attributes…


Carol Wayne, who played the dumb blonde to many of Johnny Carson’s characters caught my eye…


Loni Anderson from “WKRP in Cincinnati” featured prominently for a while…

Loni Anderson

In later life, I have come to appreciate Kim Novak in “Vertigo”…


Or Lana Turner in anything… wow.

Lana Turner
Since starting to watch so many French movies, my taste has become more European and it has been Sophie Marceau, a 47-year-old French actress who has tickled my fancy.

First noticed as the stunning French Queen in Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart” and then the leggy villain in the James Bond flick “The World is not Enough”, two of her English-speaking roles, she has starred in many sub-titled French movies that I have seen.

sophie marceau
Sophie Marceau
While still stunning and I would move to Hull in a heartbeat for this woman, for a short while my fickle fancy had me following a 56-yr-old, Italian actress, Laura Morante…
laura morante

The first movie I saw her in was an English-speaking movie, “The Dancer Upstairs”, which takes place in Latin America. I next noticed her in Molière, a French-speaking film. Next came “Remember Me”, done in her native Italian.


However, I have decided to forgo all my women, all the way back to Annette, for another Italian actress, the 49-year-old Monica Bellucci.

monica bellucci

The stunning Ms. Belluucci, like her fellow countryman, Laura Morante, not only speaks but acts  in Italian, French and English movies. These two ladies slide effortlessly between three languages.


And here in America, we can’t get a single language right.


I won’t discuss, even, an article entitled, “Seven Rules of Grammar You Can Ignore”. Here, if your interested in blasphemy.

My current pet grammar peeve, is mixing pronouns for the sake of Political Correctness. For example:

“You’re child is special. Make sure you feed them only the best.”

What, you had twins and didn’t know it? It says, “your CHILD”, singular, unique, one-of-a-kind.

So you feed “HIM” the best.

Grammar dictates that when gender is in question, ‘masculine’ is the default. Masculine, not plural!!

Feed “him or her”, not ‘them”.
Monica would never make a grammatical mistake like that. And English is her third language.

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