Wherever the Road Leads

The Big Day

It’s pert near time. In a few ars, ahmoan set off for my camper, soon to be known as “Half-Mast”… because it’s a “Flagstaff” camper.

New tars, new brakes, even new windshield wipers and today I discovered the RV section at Wal-Mart’s and bought me an extension mirror in case my truck mirrors cain’t see round the side of the camper.

Google says it’s 165 miles and 3 ars and 27 minutes. The goal is to be there by 10:00am. The owner is going to get me hooked up… the deal included a weight distribution hitch… and do a walk-through to explain how everything works. Fortunately, he has the owner’s manual because I’m sure I’ll be so nervous about pulling this camper home, I’ll forget even what I do manage to remember.

The camper is on Google Maps…

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Keep zooming in until the roofs on Max Patch Road are fairly clear. To the right of where the “A” is, you’ll see a grey/green barn, on the right hand side of Max Patch Road, just above where there is an oval-shaped enclosure, possibly a horse track. Zoom in on that barn. There are two trailers above the barn. One is a grey horse trailer, the white roof is my new camper.

Keep zooming out and you begin to see all the county roads that zig-zag through the mountains. The owner has agreed to hook up the camper to my pickup, do the walk-through, and then he will drive my truck for the first twenty miles to get to North Carolina Route 23 in Clyde, or Lake Junaluska. I’m sure this is all beautiful mountain country that tourists flock to, especially at this time of year when the leaves are turning.

Perhaps when I’ve got a few thousand miles of getting used to having twenty-six feet and two tons behind me, I’ll be able to appreciate it as well. But for now, it’s trial by fire. My first towing experience is a three and a half hour journey through the Himalayas.

I have two McDonald’s restaurants strategically mapped out. Easy to get in and out of as they share a parking lot with a big box store. I’m not a huge Mickey D’s fan, but they have the best coffee and it’s available round the clock.

Well, I’m off to bed, perchance to sleep. I hope I can get some shut-eye, as I’m hoping to make it back in time for the Thanksgiving Dinner at Faith Baptist church in Monroe, Ga. at 5:00pm. That’s if there’s enough room for a four-hour veteran camper-hauler to maneuver in their parking lot.

Say a prayer!

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