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The Alabama Crimson Tide & Le Gendarmerie


My biggest concern when canceling my Cable TV six months ago was, “How am I going to watch Alabama football once the season starts?” Well, it CAN be done.

Here’s how!!


That small, white rectangular object sandwiched in the winnder is a powered, HD antenna. It doesn’t pick up many of Atlanta-area television stations, but it picks up the local CBS affiliate, the one that airs SEC Football every Saturday afternoon, and that’s the only channel that I need.


Obviously it’s not a permanent installation, although it does does have a base and came with screws that I could mount it to the outside wall and run the coax wire through the winnder somehow. But in my less-than-humble opinion, the only network program worth watching is Alabama football in 1080p HD, so the neighbors will have to put up with my jury-rigged eyesore for a few hours each week during college football season.

The Premiere of my brain child was Alabama against Texas A&M played in College Station, Texas. Last season, The Aggies embarrassed Alabama, handing them their only loss and what appeared to be end of their National Championship bid. However, on Saturdays, the Good Lord wears houndstooth and he made it possible for Alabama to go all the way.

It was a great game, swinging from nail-biting excitement to almost boredom then back to a nail-biting conclusion. Compared to Alabama, the Aggies are light on Defense, but if playing most of the other teams in college football, they would fare well. Either team would have the Ohio State buses prematurely start up at half time for their quiet ride home.

Roll Tide.

A while back, I did a post about “The Celluloid Loves of my Life.” I have a new one… well, sort of. Let’s say, she’s fun to look at.

On my last birthday, I turned 62 – a milestone in my life as I can collect Social Security. I am happy being this age and looking forward to my future.

If there was a magic button that could be pushed… or a fountain of youth… I might consider going back to age fifty. Might. Forty again??… forget it. Thirty…HAH!!! Pas de chance. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate women of all ages. As far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t dream of dating anyone younger than fifty-five. Younger than that and what would we talk about… her homework?


This freckled, red-haired southpaw – not a typical description of a head-turner – could stop traffic. The actress’ name is Audrey Fleurot and she plays an intelligent attorney devoid of ethics in the French television program, “Engrenages“. It is available on Netflix. The word “engrenage” means gear, gearing or gearbox… machinations, perhaps. Its English title is “Spiral“, not really conveying the same meaning, unless the translator was thinking of the DNA spiral.

Subtitled, it is the best television program I have ever seen. Even better than The Rockford Files. It is a “policier”, a crime drama, but with a very unique difference. The gruesome crime is committed within the first five minutes of episode one, then it takes the entire season to solve the crime and bring justice, not always conventional.

Each episode spends about twenty minutes progressing the season-long investigation, interspersed with fifteen minutes of solving each episode’s own crime, which is interspersed with fifteen minutes of character developments of the cast. It is a superb concept, as the issue that I had with the one crime-solving television drama that I watched in the last ten years, was that the crime must be committed, then solved, at breakneck speed to allow time for the true purpose of television – commercials.


One has to be able to read subtitles much quicker than Alex Trebek as the dialog is fast and heavy. The ‘street’ language used in French is… uhhh… realistic, but the BBC-translated subtitles moderate things considerably in English. The French system of justice is subtly different. The NRA would love it but the liberals and the New York Times would be aghast, precisely what is wrong with this country today.

I have watched two seasons so far, consisting of four, epic, tv-watching marathons. Once you get into the story, you’re hooked. Like a Lay’s potato chip, you simply cannot stop at just one.

If you do not have Netflix, the program is available on the torrent site, “The Pirate Bay“. Download and install uTorrent (here) and then VLC Media Viewer (here). Download and enjoy!

(Spiral.(Engrenages).BBC.S03.E01.mp4… means..Title English, Title French, British Broadcasting Corp’n., Season 03, Episode 01, in an mp4 format – generally HD.) If you would like to try it but are a little hesitant, get in touch and I’ll walk you through it.


I wonder if her momma’s single.

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