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Getting There Bit by Bit

Once again, I needed to visit both Lowe’s and Wal-Mart, handily side-by-side here in Athens, Ga. This time I did it right, and got my Lowe’s shopping done before my ice-cream shopping. For some reason when I cleared out the house, I decided that the bathroom scales needed to come to the trailer. At the rate I can eat ice-cream, it may have been excellent foresight: I’ll need the scales to remind me to stop being such a pig. I lose control when ice cream is in the freezer.

Right… the refrigerator. It’s cold… too cold. Bit by bit, I’m learning. I hunted high and low for a way to adjust the temperature. I couldn’t find anything. Now, here at Pine Lake it’s not a big concern, as my electric is included in the monthly site rate. But while pulling the camper, the fridge runs on propane – $18.18 including tax at Ace Hardware – that I pay for. At the RV Park I’m going to in St. Augustine Florida, the site rental is less than here, but electricity is not included. Each site is metered and you are billed for it, so I sure don’t need things near frozen when cold will do just fine. Once again to the internet.


The answer is so simple that it’s near impossible to figure out. Those grey slats mounted to the back wall of the fridge are the cooling fins. On the end fin on the right, there is a white plastic thingy with a white wire coming down from it. Slide the thingy up, the fridge gets colder. Slide the thingy down, the fridge gets warmer. Simple, yet magic.


Bit by bit I’m getting more comfortable and settling in. Thanks to, you guessed it, the internet, I was able to figure out how to lower my canopy when pulling on it seemed to be requiring too much force. As always, it’s the simple things that are overlooked. You have to twist a knob and pinch a clip, and I had just turned the knob.


Yes, it’s on an angle… two angles, I suppose. It slopes down and away from the camper as well as being higher at the near end and the front of the camper, sloping downward towards the back of the camper. While the weather overall has been great, there have been numerous rain showers, especially at night. Having the canopy on an angle allows the rainwater to run off. The fear is that the water will accumulate in a large, heavy puddle on the canopy, then the weight will tear it at a seam or off the camper.


Bit by bit my interior is getting organized and even upgraded. The carpeting in any camper is not exactly top notch. Even construction grade may be a stretch. Thinking in advance to spruce things up, before I moved out of the house, I ordered a wool runner from Overstock.com. I’ve had good luck ordering carpets from Overstock, both with price and quality. However, imagination is needed to turn a little 2″ x 2″ picture on a computer monitor into an 8′ x 12′ rug. Or, in this case, a 3′ x 6′ runner.


I thought it was a very good match in the 2″ x 2″ picture on the monitor, but now that it’s on the floor seven months later, I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s the blue in it. I’m simply not a blue fan when it comes to decorating. Blue always makes me think of make-up from the seventies. But it’s bought and paid for, so down it stays, be it ever so humble.

Yes, that is the RV Kitty in question, comfortably ensconced on the dinette bench. The round tray with the mug in the center is his. The mug, with the picture of Scottie dogs is his water source. He has a very unique way of ingesting water, taught to him by ‘Hubcap’, a cat that I had for a while.

Tupelo was meant to be a companion for ‘The General’ – General Robert E. Lee, the part-Siamese that I had. Only weeks after I brought Tupelo home, The General developed Saddle Thrombus – see here – and had to be put down.

Devastated for both me and my new little kitten, I got another adult part-Siamese who had lived with a dog, I thought he would be fine with the kitten. His name had been ‘Andretti’, which I didn’t think much of. Additionally, his face was sort of flat – squat, maybe – almost like he had been chasing parked cars. So I named him “Hubcap’.

Hubcap generally didn’t lap up his water, he stuck his paw into the water then licked his paw. Tupelo picked that up, although he does both – he will lap the water and also ‘paw’ it. Occasionally, he gets to playing in the water as well. He’ll splash the water all over the place, dipping his paw deeper and deeper into the mug until most of the water gets spilled all around the mug, on the floor or, in this case, my new rug with the eye-shadow-blue flares. I had to get a 12” pizza tray to stop him from turning the camper into Noah’s Ark. The fleabag.


Bit by bit I’m getting my plumbing problems sorted out. Without getting detailed, liquid from the shower or the sinks only runs downhill. I have improved the angle by cutting a 10′ section of rain gutter into two pieces to make a better slope. Without further commentary, here’s before and after:



Bit by bit, I’m getting my other web site, RVKitty up and running. I quite like the software that this website runs on, I especially like that the blog page is set up with the frame around the top image. When I first started to use this software, it had the best ‘slider’ and image transition feature of any I had seen. See here.

However, no one sees it now, everyone comes directly to the Blog pages. RVKitty uses different software with the most recent feature – parallax pages – and with much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, I have managed to produce a page using the parallax image effect, viewable here… RVKitty. There should be a picture of a very expensive Motor Home that pops into the area above the grey footer at the bottom. Refresh your page iff’n you don’t see it at first.



With no TV or Netflix, bit by bit I’m going through all the media that I have loaded onto this computer. A lot of movies – mostly subtitled French – and a lot of songs – mostly oldies. I found a favorite from when I was fourteen. Whodathunk nearly fifty years later it would still be a great tune.


Gene Pitney’s “Teardrop by Teardrop”…


(Teardrop by teardrop I will Put Out the Flame
Teardrop by teardrop not one spark will remain.)

You left me a broken heart when you said goodby-y-y-y-ye
And I know there’s gonna be a lot of tears I’ll cry-y-y-y-y.
Though I’m still burning with desire
I found the way to fight the fire.

Teardrop by teardrop I will put out the flame
Teardrop by teardrop not one spark will remain
And if my plans follow thru-u-u-u-u.
Teardrop by teardrop by teardrop by teardrop,

I’ll have cried away my love for you. Drop
Teardrop by teardrop by teardrop by teardrop.

“The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”, “Twenty-Four Hours from Tulsa”, “It Hurts To Be in Love”… Gene Pitney died at the age of 66. His tour manager found him dead of a heart attack on 5 April 2006 in a Hilton Hotel room in Cardiff, Wales, during a British tour.

Life’s short and you’re a long time dead.

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