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CBC Toronto News reported the other day…


Some Sunwing Airlines passengers were running out of patience after they landed in Toronto and learned they couldn’t pick up their luggage.

The airline flew home hundreds of passengers from Cancun, Mexico and St. Martin(sic) on Sunday night.

But those passengers weren’t able to pick up their bags and some waited hours to do so.

Karen Porpealia and her young family spent the night in Terminal 1 and missed their connecting flight home to Sudbury, Ont., as they waited for their luggage.

“I have a baby here who’s down to two diapers and a daughter in socks and a husbands (sic) in shorts and our coats are checked somewhere in with our luggage [along] with our car keys,” Porpealia told CBC News.


Image of the troubled traveler, Karen Porpealia of Sudbury, taken from the CBC website

The airline told CBC News that the cold weather was to blame. The baggage doors on the plane were frozen shut.

“Due to the extreme cold, Pearson (Toronto) Airport experienced service delays and interruptions which impacted aircraft servicing and baggage handling,” said Janine Chapman, the vice-president of marketing for Sunwing Travel Group.  “The impact of this issue was certainly not isolated to Sunwing Airlines, however we can confirm that customers returning on our Cancun and St Martin (sic) flights last night were affected.”


So, let me get this straight. This responsible mother of two young children – three if you count the husband wearing shorts, – flew into Toronto in the middle of winter with the outside temperature around 10 below zero Fahrenheit, with a shoeless toddler and their winter clothes – and keys – packed in their checked baggage. If all had gone well, they would have caught their connecting flight to Sudbury, another 300 miles north, where it was a balmy 27.4 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit.

To give a point of reference, your freezer compartment is set at around 0ºF. Dad is in flip-flops and the infant has no shoes. OF COURSE it’s the airline’s fault. Who else could be to blame?

I don’t know who is dumber. These travelers or the local CBC News for sending a crew to the airport to interview these dumb basses, trying to make out like victims. It was more than I could stand.

I found the article on the internet where it had the opportunity to comment. With the ‘victim’ mentality these days, I was a little hesitant to criticize these folks in a public forum for fear of getting ‘flamed’. But ridiculous is ridiculous, so I – conservatively  – forged ahead…


This family is flying home to record-breaking low temperatures with the husband in shorts, a shoeless daughter and their coats – and keys – in their luggage? Even in perfect weather, things happen to luggage, unfortunately a fact of flying.

A little foresight might have been in order.

Perhaps many like-minded people were waiting for someone else to be the first, because it seems I opened the floodgates…

Jenn commented I must agree. The diapers you could see if the carry on was well packed and they’ve been there all night, but you don’t check anything critical like keys. That’s just stupid. I never travel without a minimal change of clothes (at least underwear), a toothbrush, my wallet, keys, etc. in carry-on. Coats could have been left in an airport locker and never brought to Mexico at all, or wear them on the plane and stow under the seat/in overhead.

Namons commented What a pair of clueless dolts. I’ve done my fair share of traveling too but have learned the hard way, as these parents should have done. Expect the best but prepare for the worst. Clearly looking ahead is not something these two have ever done.

RatA2E commented OK I have heard people who go on vacations often pack everything but common sense but this one…. wow!

Michael C commented… Never mind Toronto, they were flying ON to SUDBURY…..what did they think they were going to do, get changed at the baggage claim?

Homer J commented most wittily, as I assume he means as in Ma and Pa… The problem is these kettles get on a plane once a year and make life difficult for frequent travelers. No sympathy for these idiots.

Mark commented… Wow, are these people dumb. You don’t travel back to Canada in Shorts in February. LMAO. Planes are cold, you wear pants and carry your coat and all medications, keys, wallets, paperwork and valuables on your persons.

You also carry whatever you need for the next few days in your carry-on’s. Luggage is often delayed. The airlines will deliver them to your homes if you leave the airport without them due to their error.

Hollar commented… Blame anyone you like but personal responsibility comes first in this situation. Canada is not the tropics in February there is no excuses to not have a coat and pants and shoes.

(Another) Homer commented… Only morons complain about coming to Canada, IN THE WINTER, in shorts.  Always blame others for your own stupidity, that is the human race’s motto.


Some commenters blamed the discount, charter airline, Sunwing, others blamed the airport ground crew, accusing them of not wanting to work in the cold, but it still comes down to this…

Westcoast commented… Listen, I too have had bad experiences with Sunwing. Having said that, who would pack their car keys in their luggage????? And why don’t you have proper clothing for your return to YYZ (Toronto)?


So far, my comment has received 110 ‘thumbs up’, with 2 ‘thumbs down’ from the people who sued McDonald’s for having hot coffee. I am very pleasantly surprised, and encouraged.

There may be hope for mankind yet.


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