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With some help and a lot of Redneck ingenuity, I went back to La Feria Cemetery to improve my father’s grave marker. In tow was my friend, David, a self-confessed Redneck Engineer.

The first thing we did was to chop down the tree, with apologies to George Washington’s father. David was quite right when he pointed out that no one, when planting a shrub, thinks twenty years down the road. It was David’s mother who made the very kind gesture of planting the small shrub in memory of my father, but twenty-seven years later, the tree had grown to obscure the marker and its roots had contributed to the marker’s odd angle.

Above, our Redneck Grave-Robbing tools can be seen. I thought that a single 25# bag of river pebbles would do the trick. Guess again.

Below, after a trip to Home Depot for more supplies…

David is using a vehicle tow-strap to hoist the surprisingly heavy marker.

Below, the board that the marker is now resting on, is the board that I use to help level the trailer. If the RV site slopes down on one side, I pull the trailer forward, put the board in place on the low side, then back the trailer wheels onto the board. This gives the auto-leveling system a better chance at success.

Below… 24 paving bricks and 75# of river pebbles ought to do it.

The finished product… good for another twenty-seven years!


The proud Redneck Grave-Robbers in question.

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  1. Alistair Mair  March 25, 2019

    Great job!


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