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Proof of Detroit’s Comeback

And why they need $15/hr.

I recently saw on Facebook where someone had posted that s/he would gladly pay an extra $.50 for an order of fries if it meant that the server would not have to work three jobs to survive.

Noble, yes.

Serving fries at McDonald’s was never meant to be a career position. High school kids saving for college or a first car as well as getting both work and social experience seemed to be the target employees years ago. I look at $15/hr this way…

Say the McDonald’s employee is getting $10 per hour and a burger costs $2.00. That amounts to 20% of the hourly wage. The law changes and McDonald’s must now pay $15 per hour. To offset the increased expense in payroll – generally 80% of Cost of Sales – McDonald’s must now charge $3.00 for the same burger. Guess what percentage that is of the employees’ hourly wage?


That’s if the associate still has a job.


Man’s ingenuity. John Deere would have done away with slavery just as effectively as Lincoln. (Thank you to the person who first quoted me that, if you’re reading this.)

Without further editorializing, I pass along the contents of an email that was sent to me. It was entitled, “Detroit – the city that Obama saved.”







Starting with her.








It’s a wonder this forgery was ever caught.

The email ended… “Want more of the same? Vote Hillary in 2016.”


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