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Pots and Pans

And Building a Raft

There. It’s done. My first video with a soundtrack and multiple cuts and transitions, produced in Adobe Premiere Pro and uploaded to YouTube. Perhaps the worst video ever uploaded to Youtube about the worst subject ever uploaded to YouTube, but it’s my start.

You may have noticed that my Blog pretty much has been abandoned. That’s partially because I wanted to get into videos instead of the written word. During my misspent youth I sure didn’t buy Playboy for the articles.

But I have a problem with over-thinking. Everything. If I want to build a raft, before I go to Home Depot for the first piece of lumber, I study how the Queen Mary was built. Then I take on trying to learn the most complex video editing software I can find. A year later, I have no raft and Premiere Pro has confounded me, the project scuttled.

I was moments away from clicking the “Place Order” button on Amazon for a $500 ‘entry level’ DSLR camera. However I realized that I had a phone that I wasn’t taking videos with and I had a knock-off Go Pro camera that I wasn’t taking videos with so why did I need a $500 camera to not take videos with?

I’ve been watching creators on YouTube for help and inspiration. There’s Peter McKinnon with over a million subscribers who is knowledgeable and interesting but so far above my skill level it’s ridiculous. Well, anyone who has a regular YouTube channel is above my skill level. I got some inspiration and the idea to start producing your video by getting the music first, from a young Belgian lady named Lila.

Recently, I have been watching the YouTube channel of an imaginative and very talented photographer and YouTube video producer/encourager who made me realize, make something, anything, just START. My style and skill will come in time.Her name is Zdenka Darula (here). She is Canadian. (Those damned Canadian women. What’s the name of the other Canadian woman in Niagara Falls who has been significant in my life? Oh yeah… Mom.)

Today provided the perfect opportunity. My new belly-shaped pots and pans finally arrived here in Shelter-In-Place south Texas from Belk online. I realized that if a made a little video of the pots and pans, I could show off some of my be-it-ever-so-humble, home sweet home, 40′ fifth wheel trailer.

So here is the results of my tentative efforts. I hope in time, with practice and imagination, I will be able to look back and laugh at how primitive this is. But for now, it’s my start.




This “Pots and Pans” video was recorded using a mini tripod that I slid along the counter surface, and a full-sized tripod that I used to get a sweeping pan shot. Still, the video is very shaky. Perhaps worse is a pending project on Niagara Falls where the (knock-off GoPro) camera was hand-held. Unlike the $500 DSLR camera which just seemed like a good idea, I can actually see that a gimbel would help smooth out any future videos. I now have one on order.

It’s unfortunate that Home Depot doesn’t sell them. I could have bought the lumber for my raft at the same time.


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  1. Alistair Mair  April 19, 2020

    Great video. Congratulations.

  2. Morag  April 19, 2020

    Can’t believe I watched a video of pots and pans….they look great. hopefully you enjoy using them in your lovely home. Good for you trying something new. I actually got bored enough to do some baking. A rare event indeed. Stay safe down there.

    • gordon  April 19, 2020

      You’re right! I guess I picked the perfect time to do a video about such a menial subject!! Hope Roland enjoyed the baked goods!


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