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Plop, plop, fizz, fizz…

… oh what a relief it is!

Commercials. I’m deathly allergic to them. I can’t understand why there would be such hoopla over who produced the best SuperBowl commercial.

To me, that’s like auditioning doctors to see how they give a rectal exam. Like said exam, commercials are a necessity, not something to be eagerly anticipated.

Commercials and station promos take up ten minutes out of each half hour of programming. One third. So if your cable bill is $90, of that, you are paying $30 a month to watch commercials.

That said, some commercials have had an impact on our culture.

Recognize this woman?


How about now?


She has a million fans on Facebook and at Hallowe’en, there is a run on “Flo” costumes.


Over the years there have indeed been some memorable commercials. In no particular order, here’s a few that come to mind. Enjoy.

Now this one I didn’t know about until I moved to the South and my ex-wife overly-exaggerated her already significant drawl to emphasise, “It’s Shyke n Byke and we hayulpped.” Listen to the accent on the two kids compared to their ‘parents’.


and the classic…..


Wouldn’t a Dow go good now?
DOW ale


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  1. Alistair  March 4, 2013

    A necessary evil. The problem is the cable bill. Who gave them the right to free air waves

  2. Iceman Ogre  March 4, 2013

    This is the commercial I remember the most growing up. I remember it so much, that almost every Thanksgiving, while we are separating the leftovers, when it comes to the turkey, i sing this song.
    Pick, pick pick.



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