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The Crowd of Bums

When in Canada, I’m a Hamilton Tiger Cat fan of the Canadian Football League. Climate dictates a completely different football season in Canada. The game we went to recently was Game Nine in this year’s CFL schedule.

The Tiger Cats play in Tim Horton Field, a newly-built stadium on the place of the former Ivor Wynne stadium, where I last attended a Tiger Cat game in about 1980. Back in those days, alcohol was not served at the game, which was not to say that alcohol was not consumed at the game. Back in the day, everyone carried in a sweater / windbreaker / jacket with a “mickey” (pint) bottle of liquor – generally rye whisky – tucked into a sleeve with a tightly-tied cuff. The vendors then walked up and down the stairs calling, “‘Tainers!” – containers – 20 ounce cups of coke. You took a long sip of the untainted coke then replaced the liquid with rye. Those were the days. A ‘Tainer’ was probably $2.00 and your ‘mickey’ was maybe $8.00.

Today, beer is readily available – much more so than coffee, ironically, at a stadium named after a coffee and donut chain. The beer of your choice can be had for the reasonable price of $11. Choke… gasp…. Elizabeth, it’s the big one! Obviously, I thought, it’s been a long time since I bought a beer. I guess a beer in the first half and a beer in the second half wouldn’t break the bank, but what astounded me were the many folks at the little Cantina on the concession level.

They had TV monitors showing the game all around the bar area, pretty girls serving and loud music blaring as many ‘fans’ – and we’re not talking Stock Brokers here – spent the better part of the game leaning up against the bar guzzling double-digit beers and tipping the pretty girls handsomely.

It’s almost understandable. So far, the Hamilton Tiger Cats are having a perfect season – 0 and 8. They didn’t disappoint. After the game we were at, their season was 0 and 9. Nine losses. Watching the game from your seat, live, was almost more painful than watching a monitor with an $11 beer in your hand.

But it was very much a fun experience.


The ‘Chant’ goes…

Oskee Wee Wee

Oskee Wah Wah

Holy Mackinaw

Tigers… eat ’em raw!

Well, one team got eaten raw and it wasn’t the visitors. Final score: The Bad Guys: 38; Our Home Team: 18.

It was a beautiful new stadium. The weather was perfect. The company was excellent and the fans were a lot of fun and friendly. Parking was $10!! I’d go to another game just so I could park for $10.

It was a super evening!

Tigers, eat ’em raw… ya crowd of bums!!

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