The Kitchen

The ChickenWhen I was a teenager in Toronto, Mariella Bertelli was the very first love of my life. Everything about Mariella was cute - especially her accent. Her family had moved from Italy just three years earlier and her pronunciation of English to this day is absolutely charming.

Mariella has flourished in the Toronto Public Library system and also has become a storyteller of some international renown, validating the unfortunate premise that those with the best command of the English language speak it as a second if not third language.

One afternoon, Mariella introduced me to a theater group of which she was a part. They were performing plays in Italian and were all immigrants. The topic of learning English came up and the two words that seemed to have given this eloquent group the most difficulty were "chicken" and "kitchen", similar-sounding words that they would get reversed.

Until becoming fluent, they would walk into the chicken to eat breakfast, or eat fast food at Kentucky Fried Kitchen.

That conversation was over forty years ago. It's funny how some things stick with you. Like Leo Buscaglia says, too often we underestimate the potential we have to impact a life.

For pictures of my KITCHEN, click here or the bird above.


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