I've Been Everywhere

Well, at least it seems that way.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland. Then brought to Canada at 11 months... a small gold-mining town in Northern Ontario, called Timmins.  

When the gold dwindled and the mine's days were numbered, we moved to Canada's Capital - Ottawa. Then on to Toronto to finish High School and start work to get my first car. After a few years, it was on to Burlington, St. Catharines and then Tillsonburg, to finally get my life together. 

Sweet Home Alabama came next... the NASA-influenced city of Huntsville, where Werner von Braun was brought to Redstone Arsenal after WWII, to continue with his Rocket Propulsion projects.  

The South, ah-h-h, the South. Warm weather, fabulous food and the word, "y'all", y'all. No salt trucks, snow shovels or toques, and where CD covers are pressed into service if there's ever any frost on the windshield.  

When HP and Compaq merged, my job went away. Still with an Alabama address, I took on extended projects on Puerto Rico, Portland Maine and Montreal Quebec. After two years of living in hotels, airports and rental cars for twenty-five days out of each month, I decided to give up the glamorous life for an opportunity to come home every night. 

 Home, though, was Chicago. And the cold. Yes, there were salt trucks, snow shovels and toques but it's the people who are frigid. I now understand 'homesick'. It took almost three years but to paraphrase Mac Davis, "Happiness was Chicago, Illinois in my rear view mirror", and I was headed south. Hallelujah!! 

This time to Georgia, the Peach State. About forty-five minutes from downtown Atlanta, Bethlehem is a tiny, rural community of 1,200 folks where, a year ago, we got our first redlight. The town has more pickup trucks than cars, except at Christmas time when all the tourists come to mail 123,500 Christmas cards, getting them franked, "Bethlehem".

This, now, is home.




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