Wherever the Road Leads

Not Exactly Brentwood

But Wilma is Happy

I guess I’ve been spoiled so far. Two things:

  1. Never trust an RV Park without a web site.
  2. You get what you pay for.

Music City Campground is worth every penny that I am paying.


This is a trailer park, not an RV Campground for vacationers. The new owners are trying hard. Getting the guaranteed revenue from Amazon for us CamperForce folks means they can afford to lose some of their more objectionable residents and enforce a few rules that have become lax, like no loud music, public drunkenness and get along with your neighbor or there’s the highway.

The first thing they seem to have done with their anticipated revenue is to install wi-fi. I can live just about anywhere as long as I have wi-fi. Fort McAlister State Park near Savannah was heaven – it was beautiful; even Tupelo misses it as he could wander unfettered. But it had no wi-fi. What do you do when there’s no wi-fi… watch TV? Uh, no.


Kroger is nearly within walking distance. There is a Taco Bell in their parking lot. A TV watcher told me that they have a Dollar Menu. I enjoyed a few items from said Dollar Menu, PLUS a free Senior’s drink – Sierra Mist, my absolutely most favorite coke. I have no idea what I ate but covered in their “Fire” hot sauce, it was delicious.

Wal-Mart is about four miles away. I love Kroger but I can afford their boneless, skinless chicken breasts only when they come on sale. Wal-Mart here has them at $2.28 per pound, a little more expensive than the $1.99 per pound that is usual, and that Kroger occasionally offers them at.

This Wal-Mart is like taking a trip to south Texas. I haven’t seen that many Mexicans in a Wal-Mart since being in the ones in Harlingen or Brownsville Texas, right on the border. With Mexicans, though, at least they’re not pushing the buggy with one hand and holding their britches up with the other.


My neighbor, retired military, who pulled in at about the same time I did yesterday, is also an Amazon person, along with his wife. They are here with a second trailer for the mother/-in-law who, I guess, will watch their six children, so far as quiet and well-behaved as can be. They maintain a blog, ‘narrowroadsschoolers.blogspot.com. After reading it, I see they have a unique outlook on life. They also have two dogs and two cats.


Another neighbor, a full-time resident, says he has been looking after the local wild cat population as it has produced various litters. He claims at one time he had thirteen cats, though it is now down to a few. A few too many for Tupelo’s sake.

I guess this is what I started this life for, to experience all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. So far, I have been experiencing life’s situations alongside half-million dollar motorcoaches in well-kept, rural settings. For the next three months, here in downtown LaVergne Tennessee, I’ll be trailer trash.

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