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No Room at the Inn


(noun) an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.

After a pleasant, all-too-short visit to the “Valley”…..

( The Rio Grande Valley – or “RGV” is an area located in the southernmost tip of South Texas. It lies along the northern bank of the Rio Grande, which separates Mexico from the United States. The four-county region is one of the fastest growing regions in the United States, with its population having jumped from about 325,000 people in 1969 to more than 1,500,000 people today. The main cities are Brownsville, Harlingen and McAllen.)

… Sue returned to the north. She left from McAllen airport, a spartan and small-ish, though convenient airport with flights in and out of the Valley from Houston and DFW.

As the flight’s boarding time got closer, Sue went through Security. Just as she was putting her shoes back on, a considerable party arrived. They seemed to have a ‘leader’ who instructed them to enter the Security line-up one-by-one. They did, while clutching a manila envelope.

I wondered if it was a group on a school trip during Spring Break – perhaps a tour of Israel as our friends David and Michelle had recently done. Although these folks were Latino, not unusual in an area that is 90+ percent that way, and Catholic, so perhaps on an expedition to Lourdes. I was glad that Sue had managed to get ahead of the group and I left the airport, thinking nothing more of it.

That night while cooking dinner I was half fast watching the local evening news. There was a reporter at the McAllen Bus Terminal talking about a group of people, standing in line to board a bus, all clutching manila envelopes. All of a sudden I was interested.

These folks are all Illegals. In the Rio Grande Valley, ICE and Border Protection have a total of 3,000 beds in Detention Centers and 72 hours to process each of the 66,000 illegals per month, all claiming asylum. There simply isn’t the manpower nor the facilities to process this many people in a timely fashion, while providing three squares a day, day care and health care. The Salvation Army is housing 600 people per night and is desperate for donations.

So we have returned to “catch and release”. Immigration logs them into the system, gives them a court date some time in the future and asks, “Do you promise to show up at you hearing?”

“Oh, si, si,” they say. But the only “si” that they mean is as in “see-yah”.

Immigration can’t let any more loose on the streets down here, there’s already too many Illegals, so they are giving them their paperwork in a manila envelope then taking them to the Bus Terminal or the Airport for an inland destination. Hopefully to a Democrat politician’s jurisdiction. All at taxpayer’s expense.

I don’t know which came first: worthless politicians or 24/7 cable news. Perhaps politicians – both Democrat and Republican – have always been this worthless but with only a local newspaper and a half-hour national news, in years gone by we didn’t get the opportunity to find out. Today, with Talking Heads opining on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News around the clock, these self-serving bastiges are under constant scrutiny.

At 66,000 Illegals last month and on-track for 100,000 this month, Trump is right… it IS an invasion. He’s right about something else as well: Washington IS a swamp. There are 435 Congressmen and 100 Senators whose main accomplishment in this immigration crisis is to organize a finger-pointing pissing contest, then get re-elected. Nothing has been done since Ronald Reagan, save for a few Democrats and their liberal judge buddies who have made it easier for illegals and tougher on Border Protection Services.

The obvious answer is to catch them, load them on a bus and send them back into Mexico… make it Mexico’s problem. But the politicians have proclaimed that Illegals are afforded almost as many rights as citizens, so Immigration can’t do that.

Love him or hate him, there is ONE man in this country who is doing anything about our southern border and despite his billions, he doesn’t seem able to even buy himself an ally, RINO or DemoRat. Both would be better described as The Ostrich Party.

I guess I could say, “who cares?”. I like it here in the Valley and can see myself spending more and more of my winters here. Down here, along the border with Mexico, it’s already 90+% Hispanic, and doesn’t really matter any more because it’s full up. Now the Illegals are being bused and flown to a neighborhood near you. When they start showing up in Indiana and Rochester New York, maybe then the ‘invasion’ will get some attention. As Larry’s father used to tell him after Larry received a clip to the back of the head, “If you’re not going to listen, you’re going to feel.”

In the meantime, strongly suggest to your kids and grandkids that they learn Spanish if they want a successful career. Otherwise, eventually, they’ll be left behind.


Here’s the link to the “Obama Chief Emergency“.

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