Wherever the Road Leads

Niagara On The Lake Condo

It’s small, but it’s tiny.

It’s dangerously close to Closing Date. June 29th, to be exact. A year ago when we chose this date, and a year ago being less Canadianized than I am now, I never gave a thought to that date being two days away from a Canadian Holiday, July 1st, Canada Day.

On the best of days, driving the main expressway through Toronto is a crap shoot. If it’s not rush hour, then it’s a wreck or construction. On a long weekend, it’s a nightmare. There is a little-used toll road but in order to use it you have to be set up with a transponder. There are no toll booths that you can stop off at and throw in a ‘Looney’ – a $1 coin – every so often. If you aren’t set up with an account you can still use it, but they’ll run your tag, then mail you a bill that makes it worthwhile to not use the toll road and sit in stop-and-go traffic for sixty miles down to the Niagara Peninsula.

So, it looks like I’ll be sitting in traffic with a U-Hail trailer attached on the long weekend

This past Wednesday was the Final Inspection. Eagle Eye and I went down to give the place a once-over twice. Sue enjoys driving the truck and I enjoy being lazy enough to let her.


Here are the pictures that were used in my little movie, “Inspection Day”. The effects in the movie did crop, zoom and blur the pictures, so these are the originals.

Look out, Inspector Sue is on the job.Inspection02a







Note the South African handle on the commode… it’s on the right side of the tank. The first time I ever saw it placed there was at my cousin’s in Johannesburg. I figured it had something to do with the water swirling in the bowl in the opposite direction to what it does in the northern hemisphere. But I don’t get out much.




Not featured prominently in these pictures is the bedroom… mainly because there’s not a lot of it to feature. That’s it behind Sue. It’s large enough to not have room for a closet. But there’s plenty of room for a twin bed. I hope.





The balcony is as close as Tupelo will get to being feral again until we get back down to Lake Harmony in Georgia, after Canadian Thanksgiving in October.Inspection10a


A Lazy Susan. Perfect for my sedentary lifestyle. Inspection11a

A Tankless water heater. Yay! It’s a rental from the gas company. Boo!



Home, sweet home, for six months of the year.Inspection15a


Chowing down by the lake.Inspection18a

Enjoying the scenery.









Let the next adventure begin!!

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  1. Morag  June 30, 2016

    Looks great Gordon. Did not realize it was in a smaller building, good choice. We really hope that you will enjoy living their. Love Niagara On The Lake. Great town to walk in and the views are wonderful. Say hi to Sue. Morag


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