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New and Improved – again.

Well, if you’ve been wondering if I’ve either passed on over to the other side or run out of things to say… here’s the explanation.

The last website layout looked pretty good, so it was time to improve upon it. As you may remember, the old website had two distinctly different sections to it, the Blog section and a completely different looking “My Life” section. The idea is to bring them together.

I like this color and layout and am pleased with the result of many, many screen hours to get it all figured out. I’m tarred and don’t have much to say, but I did want to publish something to get attention drawn to all my hard work. This old gem comes to mind…

A man wanted to go to a very successful Broadway show. Even for a single, Wednesday matinee ticket, three months hence was the first available opportunity.

Eventually the day arrived and he took his seat in the theater. Between him and a little old, grey-haired lady was an empty seat. He assumed it was for her husband who may be getting refreshments. It got very close to curtain time and the seat was still vacant.

The man got the little old lady’s attention and said, “Excuse me ma’am, but I notice there’s an empty seat beside us. I had to wait months for this single ticket, and on a Wednesday afternoon at that. I’m surprised there’s an empty seat.”

“Oh,” said the eldrerly lady, “I have a ticket for that seat. It was for my husband but we also had a long wait. In the interim he passed away.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your husband,” said the man, “but as these tickets are so hard to come by, did you not have a friend or relative who might have joined you?”

“No,” she replied, “I’m afraid not. They’re all at the funeral.”


A young lady who shall remain nameless except to mention that her initials are Sheena Mair, has got a few of us hooked on a game for a smart phone, called “4 Pics and a Word”. The idea is, there are four pictures and you have to guess the commonality. Underneath the pictures are blank spaces representing each letter in the solution. Beneath that are a choice of letters, some of which combine to form the solution.


As you can see, the first one is “drink”, the second one is “sign” the third uses the letters t-r-a-i-n and the fourth one is a tough one with four letters (“pair”.. thank you Miss Rebecca). It’s fun, challenging and when you get completely stuck, you can post the puzzle screen to FaceBook to ask for assistance from your friends.



Similarly, here are some pictures that are, for the most part, very bad puns. See if you can figure them out. The answers are posted below.






















The answers:

      Pool Table
      Tap Dancers
      Card Shark
      King of Pop
      Gator Aid
      Light Beer
      Egg Plant
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