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My First – and Sorrowful – Camper Modification

It was ironic that the first and most important modification to my camper arrived in the mail yesterday: the Alabama Crimson Tide license frame.

Barely could I summon the resolution to put it on. The joy, excitement and anticipation had gone. I haven’t felt this badly since the Buffalo Bills lost four Super Bowls in a row.

Few, including my new-found friends at Faith Baptist, can understand. As Georgia fans, they are used to losing. Their football has no post-season activity. But for an Alabama fan, for the season to be over in the opening days of December, it’s unfathomable. Now, it’s only with dread that I will look forward to the BCS Championship in January. If Ohio State becomes BCS Champions, I’ll be glad to be in Canada, so I can pretend not to care.

One of the best car tags I ever saw was on I-75 in northern Kentucky, just a few miles from Cincinnati and the Ohio border.


But as you can see, I soldiered on. It was fitting that it was done in the rain.

It was raining in my eyes as well.

Oh well, Roll Tide anyway.




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  1. Rebecca Dewald  December 3, 2013

    what do you mean GA fans are accustomed to losing????
    Miss R


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