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Linda Eder

Not Gonna Fall This Time

A number of years ago I worked a project in Puerto Rico. I enjoyed it. The people were friendly, the weather terrific – it never goes below 73 degrees year round – and the island is beautiful.

melia1I had been staying in the Holiday Inn in the tourist section of the city. I pulled the curtains closed one night and realized that I now couldn’t tell if I was in Peoria Illinois, or Ponce Puerto Rico. So I found an older, beautifully maintained hotel on the old downtown square, the Hotel Melia, now 119 years old, according to their website.


Good restaurants were within walking distance and gringos were few. I guess they figured they’d treat me to some ‘music from the mainland’ when they put a cd into their little boom box as I ate dinner. I didn’t recognize the singer but I really loved her voice and Broadway-style songs. The waitress brought me the CD cover when I asked who it was, and that was my introduction to Linda Eder.

Some have said she is a Barbra Streisand wannabe. She does have a similar style and performs similar songs, so if you like one, you’ll like the other. I could afford and have been to a Linda Eder concert, it’s highly doubtful the same will happen with Ms. Streisand.

I have her 2011 album, “Now”, loaded onto the music stick in my truck. Stuck in Toronto’s stop-and-go traffic this afternoon, headed northbound on the Don Valley Parkway,  the song, “Not Gonna Fall in Love This Time” came on and I had the opportunity to pay attention to the words.

Cute song, cute words, and oh, so very true! Absolutely never, well maybe, okay yes! It starts off ballad -y but soon picks up

Click on the arrow to hear the song and the lyrics are below that.


Once I was young and naive
A little foolish, easy to deceive
But I’ve grown wiser with age
And I have learned

Not all that glitters is gold
So at the risk of sounding somewhat bold
Those red hot objects of love
Can get you burned

So banish guitars playing sweet melodies
And then please murder the birds and the bees
Unring the bells and then drain all the wishing wells

Cancel my trip to the stars and the moon
Sync up my timing a moment too soon
Call off romance ’cause although it may be sublime
I’m just so sick of it all, I’m not gonna fall this time

Love’s spontaneity feels so rehearsed
When love at first sight isn’t really your first
I’d rather wait ’til he gets more than one thing straight

Can’t someone make Hallmark leave all the cards blank?
Tell Paris, “S’il vous plait, lose the Left Bank”
I’m all through with the, “I love you” paradigm
The only safe protocol is simply don’t fall this time

Then you come along, handsome and clever
Promising you will be true
I know it’s wrong but what is a girl to do?

So what the hell? How bad could it be?
I might as well if it feels good to me
When boy meets girl, rule number one is give it a whirl
Have some fun and who’s to say I’m not gonna fall this time?

Just one more time could be sublime
Partners in crime
Just one more
Hey, that guitar player is kind of cute

Jack Murphy; Frank Wildhorn

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  1. elayne  February 4, 2014

    Nice . She has a very enjoyable voice. Thank you for sharing it Gordon
    . I really enjoyed my time in Puerto Rico celebrating my divorce.. We stayed at the St. Pierre in San Juan. The people were very sweet and really enjoyed talking to us about Canada.
    Maybe some day I will make it back there. Time will tell.


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