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Lincoln – the man and the movie

This rant started out life as a reply to Nancy Marley-Clarke’s post in her Blog – The View From Hats and Heels. (And as Miss Nancy has been blogging since 2010, if there is any plagiarizing going on, it is not she!)

In her post – “You have to be American” (here) – she speaks about the movie “Lincoln”, which she saw recently. I agree with her opinion.

Although I skirted with Americanism by living in border towns for years, my first immersion into American living was when I took up residence in Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville is not an old Southern cotton town. The city did not flourish until after the Second World War, as it was here that they brought the German rocket scientist, Werner Von Braun.

In many parts of the South – certainly in Alabama – the Civil War is still being fought. Not being fought from a racial point of view, though. Any Southerner worth his salt will tell you that the “War of Northern Aggression” never was about race, it was about states’ rights. The South believed that the Federal Government did not have the right to interfere in what was Constitutionally a state matter.

The battle continues today basically because yankees ain’t right. There’s something wrong with their ways, actions and thinking. By definition, a ‘yankee’ would be anyone north of the Mason-Dixon Line and, now, west of Texas so as to include film makers and other left coast loons.

Abraham Lincoln engineered the beginning of the Civil War by his actions over Fort Sumter, in Charleston harbor. Abraham Lincoln’s actions caused half his country secede and the death or wounding of over three-quarters of a million of its citizens. If this had been the actions of a current-day leader of a country whose name we couldn’t pronounce, US troops would have been sent in and its president accused of treason.

Instead, when I moved to Chicago for almost three, long, painful years, I had to tote Lincoln’s characiture around with me every place I drove as it is a part of Illinois’ licence plates – plural – adding insult to injury as they have front plates as well. (See above statement – ‘yankees ain’t right’.)

When I escaped the north and got a job here in Georgia, I drove down on a Sunday. First thing Monday morning, I was at the county tag office (license plate) getting rid of Lincoln… and the front tag.

So thank you, Mrs. Marley-Clarke, for your views on the movie. They validate my already-formed opinion that it is one movie that I will never download, let alone pay to see.

Oh, and thanks, too, for the ‘inspiration’ for this blog’s name.

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  1. Iceman Ogre  January 16, 2013

    Gordon, you should see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.
    I enjoyed it as did my son. It has a litte history in it but nothing to get you thinking about the civil war.
    It’s got comedy, action and history…what more could you want.
    It is at least worth a download to check it out if you need to kill time.


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