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Jessie Smollett

Part Two

I don’t watch much television. If I do happen upon a preview for a pending episode of a featured program, my reaction is, “Thank you for the warning.”

Of current programming, I watch Blue Bloods, Judge Judy and Dr. Phil if the episode focuses on a fallen woman. My most-watched network would be “Cozi” for twenty-year-old reruns worth watching a second time around, although I never saw them the first time around. PBS has its moments, “Nature”, “Frontline” plus “Masterpiece Theater” on Sundays. I have never seen Jessie Smollett nor “Game of Thrones”, which I have just learned is not the show that he is/was in, anyway.

Yes, I know that his first name is “Jussie” but I figure that he shouldn’t be held accountable if his mother couldn’t spell.

We all know about Jessie’s hoax: gay man supposedly assaulted by Trump supporters when in fact he paid two non-Mensa Nigerians $3,500 to stage the “hate crime”, as he was disgruntled over his salary of $180,000 per EPISODE. Lord, give me strength.

I have come across another ‘Hate Crime’ hoax that has received little national attention but should have, as the individual murdered his pets: two dogs and three cats. Here’s the story from the Detroit Free Press…. (https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2019/02/25/jackson-hate-crime-arson-joly/2978003002/)




When Nikki Joly’s Jackson home burned down in 2017, some believed the fire was a hate crime against the transgender, gay-rights activist who had fought for a local anti-discrimination ordinance.

But now, instead of a victim, the 54-year-old is accused of being the perpetrator.

The Michigan case is gaining national attention as the American public draws parallels to the situation involving Jussie Smollett, where the supposed victim in a hate crime became the accused.

Authorities are accusing Joly, who was named Citizen of the Year by the Jackson Citizen Patriot last year, of setting fire to his own home and killing his pets, two dogs and three cats. He has been charged with first-degree arson.

“We determined it pretty quickly to be an arson,” Elmer Hitt, Jackson’s director of police and fire services, said Monday. “We investigated it over what probably was a year’s time before the prosecutor ended up issuing charges.”

Joly, a transgender man, was touted as Jackon’s 2018 citizen of the year by the local newspaper and described as an activist who had endured slights and still re-energized a movement.

He tried to “pass an ordinance in Jackson protecting people against discrimination because they are gay, because they are transgender, because they aren’t as some say they should be.”

Joly was “born female,” but “prefers a masculine pronoun” and has long “been activist-minded even if it was not always openly.”

It also mentioned the fire on Aug. 10, 2017, in which his home was burned down.

In the profile, Joly said that he was “really in shock for quite a while” after the fire. He teared at the thought of his dogs, who perished in the blaze, and organized a weapons training course at a gun range to fight fear.

A few months later, Joly was charged with setting the fire.


Now in the good-ole’ days, a woman who liked women and dressed like a man would simply be known as a Poofter. I’m not overly familiar with these new genders that have been discovered since the Democrats realized that they could farm votes using Identity Politics. But that’s beside the point. S/he set five live animals on fire, sentencing them to death.

I know where Jackson Michigan is. I worked a project at an injection molding plant in nearby Manchester, Michigan. I wouldn’t visit there again, nor anywhere else in the state of Michigan – no offense Dawne, Bob and Squeek – on a bet. But I’d be sorely tempted to become Magistrate in Jackson just long enough to administer justice on this person.

Decree One: Burn him/her at the stake in the Town Square at High Noon.

Decree Two: Charge him/her with cruelty to animals, then immediately pronounce him/her guilty.

Decree Three: Seize all his/her assets.

Decree Four: Donate all assets to the local Animal Shelter.

Decree Five: Deny any and all appeals by the Defendant, deceased or otherwise.

Decree Six: Resign my commission and depart Michigan, knowing that it is a better place for my presence.


I rest my case.

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  1. Dawne  February 27, 2019

    No offense taken, We are Yoopers, not Michiganders if we are associated with people like this. No causes are worth the murder of people or animals. So I agree completely with you.


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