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I’ll Be Home For Christmas


The classic Bing Crosby song, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” conjures up visions of the horse and sleigh from the Miller beer commercial, traveling home to be with family, unwrapping Christmas presents and happy times. The song was released in 1943 and has withstood the test of time… and tempo as there are some questionable renditions out these.

But it’s Bing’s version of snow, mistletoe and presents under the tree that is the true classic. For years, I listened no further, rather, paid attention no further.

I’ll be home for Christmas
You can plan on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents on the tree
Christmas Eve will find me
Where the lovelight gleams
I’ll be home for Christmas….

Bing Crosby scored a top ten hit with the song, recorder October 4th, 1943. Originally written to honor soldiers overseas, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” has since gone on to become a Christmas standard. Within a month of release, the song charted for 11 weeks, with a peak at number three. The next year, the song reached number 16 on the charts. The song touched the hearts of Americans, soldiers and civilians alike, in the midst of World War II, and it earned Crosby his fifth gold record. “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” became the most requested song at Christmas U.S.O. shows.

The song is sung from the point of view of a soldier stationed overseas during World War II, writing a letter to his family. In the message, he tells the family he will be coming home and to prepare the holiday for him, and requests snow, mistletoe, and presents on the tree.

However, despite the song’s popularity with Americans at the front and at home, in the UK the BBC banned the song from broadcast, as the Corporation’s management felt the lyrics might lower morale among British troops.


The last line…

“…if only in my dreams.”


Have a happy, safe – and thankful – Christmas.


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  1. Alistair Mair  December 21, 2017

    Merry Christmas
    Debbie and Alistair


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