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Hundreds of dollars in upgrades to churn out fifteen-second videos like I’m Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. I’ll never get a new truck this way. But if I’m not going to drink, smoke, buy lottery tickets, eat fast-food, drink cokes, Tim Horton’s coffee or chew gum, I’ve got to have fun somehow!! I’m trying to justify it to myself this way: with the Canadian dollar at $.75 US, (or US$1 = CDN$1.25) I may as well spend it up here.

I’m getting better at After Effects. I now have two grand ambitions in life. Firstly, to become as smart as I thought I was when I was nineteen. Secondly, to become as good as a nineteen-year-old college student studying After Effects.

When I was putting together my little fifteen-second ‘Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’ logo, I searched for a trumpet fanfare at add to it. I found not only the one I used, but also a long-forgotten favorite from a way back when: “Bugler’s Holiday”. Leroy Anderson composed this tune in 1954. THIS, to me, is talent. Thugs who wouldn’t be able to properly pronounce Mr. Anderson’s song but who know fifty words that rhyme with fire-truck, getting temporarily rich through wannabe thugs using drug, welfare and food stamp money to buy their mp3s or cds, will not have Youtube videos sixty years from now, like this one here…


The jury is still out but even if these ladies are doing a little Milli Vanilli-ing here, it’s a mom who has spent a lot of time with her children to put this together…

Here’s another composition from the talented Leroy Anderson, “The Syncopated Clock”. And not one word rhymes with fire-truck.

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  1. elayne  January 27, 2015

    once again Gordon, you have shown yourself to be a man with many many layers.. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing it with us to enjoy.. elayne


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