Wherever the Road Leads

I, for one…

…and tea for two.

I, for one, let too many little things bother me. I, for one, spend too much time on the internet on many of the news sites. Fox news, to me, is not overly controversial as I share the same beliefs. The Huffington Post is unreadable as it is the propaganda arm of the Obama administration. Yahoo is a go-to as I, for one, think it is somewhere in the middle of the road.

To get a true feel for the country’s ways of thinking, I, for one, read the comments section after each news piece and perhaps that is where I see this ridiculous expression more than anywhere else…

“I, for one.”

Get a life, you uneducated fish…. the dumb bass.

Perhaps the individual uses the expression because a parent used it, and now he uses it without thinking. Like “unthaw”, or “irregardless”.

“But my momma says that!” Well, your momma was wrong. ‘Unthaw’ and ‘irregardless’ are referred to as “illogical negatives”. There is no physical process called ‘unthaw’. If there were, it would be called ‘freeze’ – the opposite of ‘thaw’.

So why would anyone use, “I, for one”?

“I, for one…”… others think like I do so my opinion must be valid?

Wrong, lemming.

“I, for one…” … there’s safety in numbers so you can’t blame only me for my opinion?

Wrong, wuss. Think and speak for yourself.

“I, for one…”… don’t I sound like such a scholar when I say this?

Wrong. You sound like an uneducated fish.

“I, for one…”  … there are many but I don’t pretend to speak for them?

Wrong. Name names. They are as wrong as you.


This is simply my never-known-to-be-humble opinion. What would make more sense would be if the person amended his qualifyer to say, “I, like Gordon, think…”

Now THAT would be a comment with some weight.


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  1. elayne  May 11, 2015

    hha ha bored were we ? I ( for one) think you have far too much idle time on your hands. lol


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