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I think Governor Romney was right when he said that 47% of the people probably could not be persuaded to vote for him. Blacks voted for Obama for the most part because he is Black. Hispanics voted for him in the hope they will be gifted Citizenship, instead of the honest route the rest of us had to take.

Unions voted for Obama because he took tax-payer’s money and saved all their over-paid jobs without them having to yield a single concession. To that point, I had fervently believed, “Buy American”, and would never have dreamed of setting foot on a Japanese car maker’s lot when considering a new vehicle. Not now.

The media, with the exception of Fox News, have been nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Democrat Party, ignoring and covering up for him after four deaths at the Consulate in Libya, among other things. Whereas, had a Republican President received as much as a parking ticket, they would have been crying for his impeachment.

However, while these have been factors, I do not believe they are the main reasons for Romney’s defeat.

America has changed. Six months ago Bill O’Reilly lamented that perhaps we had become a nation of what’s-in-it-for-me takers, rather than responsible citizens. Additionally, suspender-wearing Bob Beckel, the lone Democrat at the table of five on FoxNews’ “The Five” recently commented that in the past four years, millions more had become of voting age and most would be Obama voters.

Many do not like Bob Beckel and think he should be banned from being on Fox. I disagree with his every political belief, almost, but he is a smart man. He has run or been involved in many political campaigns going back decades. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Listen and learn, say I.

At first, I poo-poo-ed his ‘millions more’ comment. Yes, he was probably correct that there are many more eligible to vote this time around, but surely they would be split amongst Democrats and Republicans; it would not be one-sided. But, listen and learn. In giving it thought, Mr. Beckel is right.

A ‘generation’ is an increasingly shorter period of time. Mirriam Webster defines ‘generation’ as “the average span of time between the birth of parents and that of their offspring”. In the voting cycle, it might be loosely interpreted as the time between birth and eligibility to vote: 18 years.

When the Pierre Trudeau’s Canadian Government – remember him, King Pierre? – decided to turn the country Metric, I was strongly against it. For ancestral reasons – read: being Scottish and cheap – I couldn’t see why we needed the expense of change.

Yes, said the anti-Anglo politicians, we needed to join the 80% of the world who were already metric. Not an untrue statement. However the 80% included Camaroon, Tunisia, South Sudan, Suriname, New Guinea, Oman, Iceland, Belarus and Berkina Faso.

Countries making up the remaining 20% included the United States, Canada’s largest trading partner. Nearly 80% of Canada’s exports are to the United States, who, praise the Lord, will never go metric.

So, Canada needed to go metric because Belize is metric and part of the 80% but we didn’t need to stay the way it was to remain in sync with the country’s largest trading partner, also an 80% figure. (78.96% to be exact. Click here.) Perhaps we should also factor in the United Kingdom which has only partially adopted metric, bringing the trade total to 81.8%

I belonged to the Lion’s Club in Tillsonburg, Ontario. A fellow Lion owned a business selling Gray Tools. You may remember seeing their vans on the road as they traveled to service stations and garages selling new tools to mechanics or replacing lost tools.

He made a killing while the country switched over to metric as the government was reimbursing the cost of metric tools to the mechanics who now needed to purchase them.

When I first moved to Atlanta, I worked at the South East Distribution Warehouse for Kellogg/Keebler. Kellogg’s Special ‘K’ is made in Canada, at the Kellogg’s plant in London, Ontario and trucked down daily.

All the Bills of Lading are in both metric and US Customary Measurement. All the Bills of Lading are printed in English and French. Now, if someone can make sense of why a Customs Officer in Detroit and a Receiving Clerk in Atlanta need a Bill of Lading showing metric measures in the French language for a delivery of corn flakes, I will gladly vote Democrat/Liberal the next time around.

Canada’s $1 coin, “The Loonie”

Another ridiculous waste of money I thought, was to discontinue the Canadian $1 bill to replace it with a $1 coin. For what reason? The people didn’t want a $1 coin and the vending machine industry certainly didn’t want the expense of a $1 coin. The Canadian Mint claimed the change would save $19 million dollars. Oh, well that makes sense. Read further… “over a ten year period”. They did not mention what the tooling cost would be to produce the coin.

However, almost two generations have passed since then. The $1 coin was introduced in 1987. Voters up to age 30 cannot remember or have never known a Canadian $1 bill. Metrication began in 1973 and was fully implemented by 1983. Voters up to age 35 cannot remember or have never used the Imperial system of measurement to buy a ‘pound’ of sliced ham, a ‘gallon’ of gas or that it is warm and ’80’ degrees outside.

Bob Beckel’s four-year block of new voters and the vast majority of voters up to age 35 know only of a government that has played a big part of their lives and is looked upon as a solution.

They assume that the Entitlement programs that currently are crippling European countries have always been in place and give no thought to who or how they will be supported in the future. Live for today.

Perhaps they believe that taxing the evil wealthy at exorbitant rates will pay for it all. But as Glenn Beck said, ‘A poor man has never offered me a job.”

Perhaps they bought into that old Union chestnut that corporations got rich on the backs of the workers and deserve to suffer by paying more taxes, and that might pay for socialism.

Taking Bob Beckel’s comment to the other end of the age spectrum, in the last four years, untold numbers of voters old enough to remember how to be responsible have dropped off the voting rolls… we’re dying off. Most of us, Republicans.

Those who voted for President Obama only know one way, the Nanny State. They assume it to be what is right as it is the only way they know. When Romney started preaching fiscal responsibility at the expense of Entitlement Programs, all they heard was, he’s going to take something away from me that I deserve, no way am I voting for him.

News reports and pictures of what’s going on in Greece may as well be reports from Mars… “what’s that got to do with me?”

Just like the little boy who didn’t believe the water was boiling hot until he stuck his finger in it and it hurt, today’s Obama voters will not believe it might happen to them until their paychecks, checking accounts and wallets start to hurt.

Maybe then they’ll realize they should have listened to a businessman and not a skinny socialist.




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