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It’s Not a Bowling Alley But…

A forty foot trailer for a man and a cat is slight overkill. The model that first caught my eye was a miniature version at only thirty-seven feet. <rolls eyes> However, that smaller trailer had axles rated at 5,600 pounds and I felt was maxed out, compared to this model’s 7,000# axles, much beefier if ever considering bouncing my way up the Alaska Highway.

Additionally, this model has a “Bunky”… a small room with its own slide, built to accommodate two bunks.


The Bunky soon became The Junky, a storage place for the various axe handles, French safes, rain shoes, hard hats and overcoats for which I was too lazy to either chunk or find a proper home. The Bunky would have been a great spot for grandchildren… as long as they were shorter than 50″… the length of the mattresses. So, it was time to put the room to good use.

The desktop computer had been set up on the dining table, unused as meals are eaten sitting on a bar stool at the kitchen island.

A man, a cat, and a computer room. Much easier to justify needing a forty-foot trailer.

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