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A Tale of Two RVs

As I inch closer to having the Insurance Company finally release the funds to get a replacement RV, it’s decision time. I decided to not order the same coach as I had last time. I am going with a different layout, where the main bathroom is in the front of the coach, the full width of the coach, plus it has a bathroom slide-out to make it even roomier. Yes, by the way, the “main” bathroom… this layout has a bath-and-a-half. RV-ing is a struggle.

My plan for a while has been to custom-order a coach which will entail a ten-week build time. Plus a week or so delivery to the dealer from the factory is getting desperately close to Thanksgiving. American Thanksgiving…Thursday November 28th.

However, I have found another coach, a 2019, on a dealer’s lot. This coach would most likely be way above my pay grade, however, it’s a 2019 that this dealer has been paying bank finance charges on for at least six months, and now the 2020s are on their way. No doubt he’s willing to deal.

At forty-one feet, both coaches are about the same length. They both weigh around 12,500# empty and max out at 15,500#, giving around 3,000# for everything that it takes to live. And a washer/dryer. And a cat.

The choice should be a no-brainer. One doesn’t have a central-vac system. Are we still in the dark ages? Come on… no central vac in an RV? The one with no the central-vac looks as if the hole for the television is maxed out at 50″. Fifty inches? From six feet away, I might have to squint. A friend just got a 65″ TV. So I should watch Alabama football on anything less?

Both have the basics: auto-leveling on a phone app and two air conditioners, an electric fireplace, ceiling fan, a king bed and washer/dryer hook-ups. The 2019 has an upgraded hitch and suspension.

The difference and reason for my struggle, is the cabinetry on the 2019. Wow. It is uptown, for sure.

Below is a kind of side-by-each comparison. It’s a little unfair as Coach #2 has almost perfect lighting while Coach #1 looks like the salesman used his flip-phone to take the pictures on a cloudy day. It does give you an idea of just how far RV-ing has come.

Every day is a struggle.

Leave a comment here on the website or on the Facebook Post. Let me know what you think.

(If you click or tap on each picture it will open up full size.)

Fifth Wheel No. 1

Fifth Wheel No. 2


















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  1. Jan  September 11, 2019

    How big is shower in second? First shower is wow! Easier to get in for sure. Logistics of keeping your computer and paperwork? Love the bedroom wall unit in second one. They seem very similar in many ways — if the 2019 is willing to go down to price insurance will handle are you not getting more in finishing? Is the insulation equal? I like both and the colors on both but the second is more elegant. Number two has my vote depending on what you can negotiate. Both are great !

  2. Alistair Mair  September 12, 2019

    Only an RV person really knows the best choice. However speedy delivery would be an asset.

  3. Alistair  September 12, 2019

    Debbie says RV 2

  4. Dawne Stlouis  September 12, 2019

    #1 has country feel with the woodwork and floors. I think of you as more high end as woodwork of#2. Like the walk in closet and extra storage up front. Neither one has any deal breakers. Money talks and speed of receiving walks. Good luck


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