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Green Cove Springs, Florida

The Mail Run

About two hours south of Lake Harmony RV Park is Green Cove Springs, Florida, a somewhat suburb of both Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida. It’s a pretty little town, home of St. Brendan’s Isle Mail Forwarders, where goes the mail that I have not been able to convert completely to online-only. They provide a service where I can have my mail packaged and forwarded directly to wherever I might be, but it’s a fun adventure to take a run down to collect it personally.

After a stop at St. Brendan’s Isle to collect the dozen pieces of mail delivered since the last mail run three months ago, the next mandatory stop is “Farmers in the Deli”, a hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop across from the courthouse in Green Cove Springs. Freshly-made sandwiches and friendly banter are always ‘du jour’, with plenty of change from $20 after lunch for two.

I’ve been to town a number of times but yesterday we got off the beaten path, a very pretty place to be with an abundance of ‘don’t let the bedbugs bite’ Spanish Moss.









Meanwhile, back at the RV Park, The Fleabag is in his element, perfectly colored to sit in the sun and stalk ever-elusive Cardinals and squirrels.

He’s just below dead center, facing the camera…

It’s a tough life…


…all round.


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  1. Barbara  February 17, 2017

    Love Green Cover Springs


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