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Graduation Day

Lake Harmony U

I thought I was going to be in training for two weeks but I had to return an extra week for some post-graduate work. Finally, though, I have my PhD from the University of Lake Harmony.

I anticipated that the most difficult part would be learning ‘Campground Master’, the computer program that many RV parks use to process reservations, arrivals, charges and check-out. What I found was that the most challenging part is assigning the right rig to the right site.




Lake Harmony RV Park is very quaint and country – very tree-ed, meaning many roots. You have to choose a site and park the rigs so that there is sufficient clearance for the slides to open up, and make sure none of their wheels are parked on tree roots which will make the rig list to one side.

The majority of the clientele passing through the park at this time of year are southbound Snowbirds, heading to the warmer climes of south Florida to spend the winter. For a Fifth Wheel it’s fairly straightforward: how long is the 5th wheel, how many slides-outs, do you need 30 amp or 50 amp power, do you want to unhook (the truck from the 5th wheel)?

For a Motor Home – and Lord knows there’s some monied ‘campers’ out there – you ask the length of the coach, number of slides and if they have a toad. A what? A ‘toad’ is a play on words, an inside joke in the RV business. If the Motor Home is pulling a smaller car behind it for local running around once the destination is reached, then the smaller car is being towed… thus the name, ‘toad’.

No, they don’t want to unhook the tow dolly meaning that they are unable to reverse out of a site. Therefor a 40′ Motor Home needs a 60′ pull-through site. Fifty amp.

I nearly drool every time I see one of these half-million dollar Motor Homes pull in… even although they would not suit my RV-ing style at this point. I plan on continuing to Workamp, which means three-month commitments wherever I choose to go. It doesn’t make sense to have all that money tied up where I would drive for a day, maybe two, then park for three months.

We have had to turn away a number of these over-sized rigs as they show up late in the day without a reservation. Most parks have limited sites that are pull-through, 50 amp and can accommodate a 60′ rig if he has a ‘toad’. Everyone has a unique story, but I would not set off in the morning to drive an indeterminate length of time or number of miles and then hope to find a site at dusk, to get set up in the dark.

Five hours is about as long as I want to be towing. Wherever I am, I seek out and make reservations at an RV Park no more than 250 miles away. I leave when it’s light, arrive where they are expecting me when it’s light and set up when it’s light.

I can just imagine the beating that the turned-away Motor Home’s driver is taking from a hungry, anxious, short-tempered wife. ” I TOLD you we should have……”

“Yes, dear.”


Here are some autumn pictures from around the web, the ones used in the little movie, above.









































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