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Got Me Under Pressure

Water, that is.

The RV Forums are invaluable to me. It doesn’t matter what new-to-me situation that I have, countless others haveĀ  been-there, done-that already, and here’s how to fix it.

Some discussions can get over the top. There are the Weight Police. They believe that you need a Mack truck to pull a tent trailer. Half-ton pickups like mine are good only for carrying home the groceries. Other discussions go on at length about the best type of tires for a trailer.

Reading between the lines, there are some very good points made. I have seen some combinations that I know are running way beyond the capacity of the Tow Vehicle. Most likely these folks will never have an issue but as was pointed out to me before I bought a trailer, if you have a wreck and you’re over capacity, your insurance company will be your worst nightmare.

There is plenty of humor as well. One guy commented about being retired and full-timing it in an RV. He said, “I woke up this morning with nothing to do and I only got half-done by bedtime.” The point being that there is always something to do/fix/improve.

Another discussion was around when was it time to trade in your RV. Was it like a car… every 2/4/6 years? One seasoned veteran commented that it had taken him seven years to get his trailer to where he was happy with it. He wasn’t about to trade it now.

My most recent upgrade arrived on the UPS truck from Amazon the other day. Ostensibly to keep the weight down, the manufacturer installed the hound-dog ugliest, plastic faucet in the history of pressurized water. Probably closer to the truth is that this faucet, priced yesterday in Wal-Mart, is $12.97, retail.



It didn’t take me long to swap them out. It looks much better and is an improvement as with the faucet’s high arc, it makes it easier to rinse the dishes in this small sink.


Yes, the water is running, to prove that it is indeed functional.

I know I will enjoy it and, worst case scenario, it will add to the value of the trailer if I have to sell it. That might be a distinct possibility.

I’m worried about Tupelo. The pressure of this lifestyle is beginning to show.






The poor kitty.


ZZ Top – a couply good ole boys from Texas – Got Me Under Pressure

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