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Good Time to be a Floridian

Especially If You’re a Hockey Fan

After decades of worthless teams, I gave up on the hapless Toronto Maple Leafs, and eventually, hockey, a LONG time ago. Here’s how long…

I didn’t know that Florida had a National Hockey League team. Turns out, they have TWO National Hockey League teams.. one in Miami and another in Tampa Bay who, I thought, only had Buccaneers. The two Florida teams are currently in first and second place in the same division as the aforementioned hapless Toronto Meat Loafs and also the Buffalo Sabres, who have managed to claw their way out of last place in their division due to said hapless Toronto team being even more worthless than the Sabres.

“This is a rebuilding year for the Leafs…” For how many years have Leaf fans been delusional? The two Florida teams were formed in the early nineties, according to Wikipedia. They have both won the top prize in hockey – the Stanley Cup. They started from scratch twenty-odd years ago..

But Toronto has been “re-building” since 1967, their last Stanley Cup win?

Leafs’ fans, stick your hand outside, see if it’s dark.


Donald Trump may not be everyone’s first¬† – or even last – choice for President of the United States but he has generated voter interest, comment, engagement and opinions like never before. The New York Times and Saturday Night Live managed to crucify Sarah Palin, who I believe had excellent values, but the more the liberal media trashes Trump, the more staunch –¬† and numbered – his followers become.

I am a registered Republican in Clay County, Florida, and am most anxious to be a part of this election process. The Florida Primary is on March 15th, and it’s ‘winner take all’ (the delegates).



It’s about a two-hour drive to the voting booth, so I requested an Absentee Ballot. I believe in the Republican Party there is a choice this election between arguably the best man for the job, and the most radical man for the job. After eight years of the Idealist-in-Chief in the White House, I might just be leaning towards ‘radical’ in order to center this country again.

Somehow, this has got to stop…



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  1. Peter Vatistas  February 29, 2016

    If I’m not mistaken the Florida Panthers have gotten to a Stanley Cup Final (1996), but lost to the Colorado Avalanche. Tampa went to the Finals in 2004 and 2015, winning in 2004. The Leafs have never been rebuilding, really. They’ve used the big money to bring in free agent after free agent and had some success (1993 & 2003). The theory was throw money at it……But, finally they’ve hired an entirely different braintrust and actually started a “rebuild”. It’s actually happening as planned, they’ve shipped massive contracts away and have obtained prospects and draft picks in return. The Marlies (AHL) farm team is #1. The blue ribbon prospects are learning how to win regularly. There is hope. It’s going to take time and the fans, real fans, are ready to wait! Here’s to seeing a Cup Victory in this lifetime!!


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