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Fred Sanford, Archie Bunker…

…and the Manitoba DMV

I’ve been here too long. Not that there’s anything at all wrong with Lake Harmony – it’s beautiful here and the folks are very friendly. But seven months in one place is a long time for me.

I’m getting short-tempered with the few television programs that I watch during dinnertime: entitled people who take zero personal responsibility then sue each other on The People’s Court or Judge Judy, and Modern Family: two gays raising a child and a California doofus father. Fed up, I searched through the channels until I came across quality programing… All In The Family with the bigoted Archie Bunker, and Sanford and Son, with the bigoted Fred Sanford.

These two programs could not be produced today. It’s okay to glorify two gay men raising a child, but a show about a black man complaining about white people, or a show about a white man complaining about blacks and BOTH programs making fun of Puerto Ricans would have Snowflakes rioting in the streets. Both these programs have genuine Laugh Out Loud moments in nearly episode while the supposed humor in the daily reruns of Modern Family might get a chuckle a week.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but you are one dumb Polack,” Archie says to his son-in-law, ‘Meathead’. Not a single Polish person in America put down a slice of kielbasa or a polskie orgorkie pickle to take to the streets and burn the flag in protest.

I was born in Scotland. Scotland is where copper wire was invented by two Scotsman fighting over a penny. A taxi cab in Scotland ran into a light pole on a deserted road. Fourteen people were injured. Hey… are you saying Scottish people are cheap???? I’m offended. Where’s my Grief Counsellor?

Absolutely true story out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada……

A Canadian man’s Star Trek-inspired license plate has been revoked after his public insurance company received complaints that it was offensive to indigenous people. The two-year-old plate, which reads “ASIMIL8,” is a sly reference to the Borg, evil aliens in Star Trek who “assimilate” their prey and go by the motto “Resistance is Futile.”

Manitoba local Nick Troller was informed by an agent from Manitoba Public Insurance on Wednesday that they had received complaints from two people about the word “assimilate,” which they claimed is offensive to minorities. He was then served a letter informing him that “it has been brought to the attention of this office that the personalized plate ASIMIL8 is considered offensive,” and was ordered to surrender it immediately.

MPI has given Troller the option to replace the personalized plate with a new one free of charge or refund the $100 he paid for it.

Troller disagrees with the contention that the plate is offensive. “But that’s not the point,” he said. “We’ve become way too sensitive. You can’t say anything anymore to anybody.”

He told CTV News that prior to being notified of the complaints, he was only ever complimented for the interesting license plate by people who took photos of it.

The Borg “assimilating” a victim

The term “assimilate” can refer to the process in which members of a group are absorbed into the culture of another population. In the Star Trek franchise, the malevolent Borg forcibly assimilate sentient lifeforms into their machine “hivemind”.

Speaking to CTV News, a spokesperson for the National Center for Truth and Reconciliation, Ry Moran, said that the word “assimilate” is indeed too offensive to be displayed on the plate, regardless of intent.

“Words like that, meant or not, have an actual impact on many people,” said Moran—as if one man’s Star Trek reference was capable of oppressing millions of Canadians.

In Manitoba, license plates are the property of the government and there is no appeal process for rejected or revoked slogans. MPI policy states that plates are prohibited from containing slogans that could be considered offensive. The Manitoba licensing bureau is treating complaints over the ASIMIL8 plate “very seriously” and will investigate why the plate was ever approved in the first place.

(With a report from CTV Winnipeg’s Jon Hendricks and files from The Canadian Press)


Give me strength.

The two “Indigenous People” who complained? Well, all I can say is…

Sticks and stones may break my bones but they’re two Snowflake Injuns.

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