Wherever the Road Leads

For the Times They Are A-Changin’

With thanks and apologies to Bob Dylan

I got my Winn-Dixie rewards card the other day and saved $18.65. McDonald’s is hiring. There’s a coin-operated car wash just down the road and the permanent folks here in the park gave me the low-down on the restaurants to eat at and the sightseeing to do before it gets too hot.

Too hot!! I’m almost embarrassed to type that phrase as some of y’all still have winter coats hanging by the front door – and need them.

Food seems to be a little more expensive but there’s no Florida state tax on groceries. Gas is about twenty cents per gallon more than in the Atlanta area. However my RV site rental is almost $200 per month cheaper than at ‘home’.

And that’s the key word… home.

The Lord puts certain people in your path with good reason and at the end of my previous life I dated a woman named Marlene for a summer. Come Labor Day, she went her way and her way didn’t include me. She had helped me more than she knew and parting hurt. But, as a woman who shall remain nameless except to mention that her initials are Debbie Mair said, “She served her purpose.” That, coming from a woman, meant a lot.

The same can be said of the state of Georgia, it served its purpose. It got me out of Chicago, it has an airport and I was able to buy a house there. Thus, the Hare-Brained Scheme. There simply were no reasons to stay. Too late, I met some fine people and a wonderful preacher, but not enough to turn back the tide.

On the opposite side of the highway from this RV Park, is a fenced-in compound for RV storage. They charge a dollar a day with no one-year contract like you have to sign in these U-Stor-It places. And a dollar a day is about what I give to my neighbor as a small token of my appreciation when he stores my trailer.

It no longer makes sense to pull the trailer back to Atlanta, 300 miles away, even although I did get an amazing twelve miles per gallon pulling it down here. I can leave from here when it’s time to go back to Canada. It’s 200 miles shorter than going via Atlanta and that is a saving of ten gallons of gas, but the biggest advantage is not having to travel through Atlanta. The city is big, and it’s a tough drive. It’s so disheartening getting to the outskirts of the city and realizing you still have an hour’s worth of hard driving.

I’ll miss my cross-eyed dentist who hails from Bay Minette, Alabama. I saw her a week or so ago and she poked and prodded and cleaned my teeth. I have one more cleaning/scaling appointment left, but it looks like I’m going to have to find me a different cross-eyed dentist right here in Florida.

Although there’s one particular Georgia football game that I am grateful for, I never really felt an affinity for the Georgia Bulldogs, I’ve remained a true blue Alabama Crimson Tide fan. But I have a feeling that my ‘Bama t-shirts, ‘Bama license plate holder and ‘Bama hitch cover might get traded out for Florida Gator paraphernalia after my next trip to Wal-Mart.

If I’ve learned anything during the time of the Hare-Brained Scheme, it’s that few things ever go as planned… or even expected. So I’ll not say I’ll never go back to the Atlanta area, but so far, I sure am enjoying Florida.

Chomp, chomp.





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