Monotonous sex can make your relationship not only dull but also ruin them at all. That is why experts often advise making your sex life more diverse. Cosmopolitan writes about five generic drugs to make sex brighter, more skillful, and thus strengthen their relationship.


If two people are spiritually close, sex becomes the high end of their relationship, because it is a complete fusion of two loving people, which is essential – not only physical but also emotional.

Don’t hold back your passions

Passion and desire are the driving forces of sex, which are impossible to resist. Often couples with experience prefer spontaneous and lightning-fast sex in unusual conditions because their desire suppresses all arguments of reason.

Make your sex fun

You don’t have to treat sex like it’s too serious all the time. It may well be foolish, funny, frivolous, and even witty, experimental, inventive. It is important that both partners are tuned to sex with a share of humor. Do not be embarrassed if one of you got a trapped leg in a sheet or you were interrupted at the most inopportune moment. If it seems funny, do not be afraid to defuse the intensity of passions smile.

Have sex in anger

As strange as it may sound, but some couples do have sex before, after, and sometimes during an argument. It is at this moment when irritation accumulates that you can start the conversation in elevated tones and then end it in a passionate battle on the marital bed. However, this kind of sex will be a desirable discharge only if you initially seek to restore normal relations.


Do not give up the opportunity to experiment in sex. You can discuss your plans in advance. Even this conversation alone can awaken your desires. There is no need to be afraid of the new, to change the usual conditions. Turn on the imagination. And remember that it depends only on you whether your intimate relationship will be bright or boring.