Wherever the Road Leads

Dems Concede 2020

To Trump

I was watching a recent Trump Rally in Lexington, Kentucky. Like all Trump Rallies, the venue was filled to capacity and with folks in the streets,  people with boisterous enthusiasm who can’t wait to mark their ballot next year to re-elect Donald Trump. He may not be perfect but he’s the perfect man for the job.

In stark contrast are any gatherings for the Democrat candidates for President, one of whom will be running against Donald Trump. Who are these candidates? Incredibly expensive and unpopular Socialized Medicine seems to be a recurring platform among a couple but for the most part, all the air is being used up by the greatest hoax since Jessie Smollett molested himself with a Subway sandwich: Impeachment.

As the t-shirts at the Lexington Rally read, “Read the Transcript.” Available here.

Joe Biden seems to be the current favorite. Joe has admitted, on-camera, of committing ‘Quid Pro Quo’, the exact crime for which the Dems are holding secret meetings as, I guess, they have not read the transcript.

Elizabeth Warren. Are you kidding me? I couldn’t possibly take her scratchy chicken voice for four years. I could barely tolerate Sarah Palin’s accent… and I liked her. Now that Pocahontas has released what is probably an accurate cost of Socialized Medicine, even the bastion of lies and the Democrats – the New York Times – is calling it a faux pas.

Mayor Pete… I had to look it up… he is the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.  South Bend, Indiana? And he’s running for President? I used to live in Chicago. Nearby South Bend, Indiana has a worse reputation for crime than the Windy City. Two things come out of South Bend, Indiana: The Jackson Five and criminals, many in body bags. The Dems play ‘Identity Politics’ and I believe Mayor Pete got into the mix by being gay.

And Kamala Harris got into the mix by proving she’s not.

There are others still hanging in, I think, but they’re sure not getting any airtime or recognition. I don’t think there’s a strong contender amongst them. If even Hillary couldn’t beat Trump, who could possibly consider that the next Democrat savior will be Cory Booker?

I think that’s the whole point. Nancy Pelosi may be a witch but she’s a cunning one. I think that she has conceded the 2020 election to Trump and all these folks are merely throwaway candidates.


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