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Debate: Trump Beats Hillary 29 – 29


One of the political commentators opined prior to the debate, “and the mud bath has just begun.’ Very true. With still a month to go. After eight years of Obama, we are so divided there will be a Presidential Winner, but nothing will be healed.

“Perception is reality.”

We have a lot of ‘Low Information Voters’ who may show up on Election Day. These are the people who pay attention to the jaundiced reporting of CNN – the Clinton News Network – Huffington Post or the uninformed interviewed by Jessie Waters. “Trump is a racist who demeans women.”

cnnI have to confess that after the leaked tape from eleven years ago where Trump commented in a locker room style, that I truly feared for his campaign. But the damage control was well done. Let’s face it, those of the Democrat ilk dislike him no more or no less. This hasn’t changed their perception.

Devoted Trump fans will still vote for him as they are fed up with Washington Politics and want a real change, not the hopey-changey-thing-in-the-wrong-direction delivered by Obama.

A victory for Trump might just rest in the hands of those who like neither candidate but are willing to a) get out to vote and b) hold their noses with one hand and vote for Trump with the other. They were the folks that I feared might be alienated by the leaked tape… quite possibly with more to come. (Separately but related, how did the in-the-tank-for-Democrats press ever get the sealed contents on Herman Cain but can’t get the sealed transcripts of Barack Obama, foreign student applicant, at Columbia or Harvard?)

Charles Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post and a Fox News contributor, said after the Second Presidential Debate and the leaked Trump locker room tape, that it was much like the 1968 headline in The Harvard Crimson, “Harvard Beats Yale, 29 – 29”

Yale was heavily favored to win and they quickly led the game 22–0. With two minutes remaining on the clock they still led 29–13. As the last seconds ticked down, Harvard, tied the game, scoring 16 points in the final 42 seconds. The Harvard Crimson declared victory with a famous headline, “Harvard Beats Yale 29-29”.

Many counted Trump as down and out. Holding a Press Conference just before the debate where some of the women wronged by Bill Clinton was questionable but brilliant strategy. It took away much of Hillary’s ammunition when it came to how Trump ‘demeaned’ women. Trump apologized for his crass words, claiming to be a reformed man. He took ownership of the issue and apologized. How many times can you hang a man for the same crime after he confesses?

Krauthammer says that Trump went into this debate with his campaign hanging by a thread… hemorrhaging supporters. Then Trump came out swinging. Tail between his legs? No way. The man may have his faults but being passionate about wanting to fix this country is not one of them.

The best quotable moments from the debate are pro-Trump. His comment about putting Clinton in jail has that marvelous visual persuasion quality about it, and it was the laugh of the night. The audience had to be cautioned.

Did he ‘expand the tent’… win any new supporters? Doubtful. But those of us who were mightily concerned are now mightily encouraged.


I’m reading a new blogger… the guy who draws the ‘Dilbert’ cartoons, Scott Adams. He has gone from a Hillary supporter to now backing Trump. In his most recent entry, he is visiting Switzerland…

“I talked to a Swiss local yesterday about American politics. He says everyone in Switzerland is following the race closely. He favors Trump because he thinks Trump would be better for the global economy. I asked if anyone he knows in Switzerland is worried about Trump’s ‘temperment’ and having his finger on the nukes. He laughed. He wasn’t worried and didn’t know anyone who is.

I also asked the Swiss man what kind of problems they have in Switzerland. He laughed again. The answer is ‘none’. Literally.

Good economy.

Plenty of jobs.

No racial strife.

Low crime rate.

Highest standard of living.

No real pollution.

No litter.

No homeless that I could see.

He also told me that it is illegal to build a mosque in Switzerland because they don’t want to change their national character, which is 95% Christian he estimated.

[Correction: Switzerland only bans minarets, presumably for architectural reasons. Mosques are allowed.]

He said (and I did not fact-check) that the Swiss allow no immigration at all unless the person has special skills or marries a citizen.

And the gun ownership in Switzerland is 100% for adult males. That’s their militia. Yet crime is low.

[Correction: The government issues guns to males between the age of 18-34. Ammo is strictly controlled.]

Make of that what you will. It’s simplistic to think that a total ban on immigration plus a high level of male gun-ownership helps Switzerland have no real problems. But you can’t rule it out, either.

Trump is trying to make America a bit more like Switzerland. Clinton is trying to make America less like Switzerland. Spend a day in Switzerland and tell me who has the better plan. This country is amazing.”


We rest our case.

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