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About three weeks ago, I stopped paying attention. My internet ‘start’ page used to be FoxNews.com. For the past six months, it was the only one I could stomach.

Occasionally I would go to MSNBC, CNN or the Huffington Post just for a laugh to see how far lying and inventing news had come. They’ve got it perfected, no need for me to visit them any more.

I naively thought that the political rhetoric would die down after the people had spoken and Trump had been elected. Foolish me. The Fourth Estate believe it their sole purpose to topple any Republican President… because only they know what’s best for us common folk.

If the coverage had been critical but fair, that would have been a different story. However, it seems that they find a negative spin in every event. If Donald Trump got out the boat and walked on water, the headline would read,



If the Trump family had to take an aging, beloved pet to the Vet to be put to sleep as its quality of life was gone, the media would report,



Meanwhile, during the previous Presidency, if Obama had passed gas the headline would be,



Lord, give me strength…

It’s not just the media chasing ‘Russian collusion’ down a rabbit hole, the Republican Party give them plenty of fodder. The Democrats are a bunch of – no offense – lying, two-faced thieves but I’ve got to hand it to them, they’re – no offense – lying, two-faced thieves as a united group.

The Republican Party couldn’t organize a stag party in a brewery. I think that the giraffe came about when the Republican Party tried to design the perfect horse.

So now, not even FoxNews.com, the final bastion of fair reporting, do I read.

But I have found TorontoSun.com. It’s similar issues but more on a city scale than a country scale. Canadians try to distinguish themselves from Americans but with “diversity”, they find themselves more and more just the same. Homicides are way up from when I lived here in years gone by. From the Toronto Sun, Sunday, July 23rd…

“TORONTO¬†–¬†Two men are dead and a woman is in hospital after a birthday barbecue shooting on a quiet street… Meanwhile, around 2:30 a.m., five people were wounded in a shooting at a bar on Victoria Park Ave. Then hours later, around 6:45 p.m., a man was gunned down blocks away from the backyard shooting”

Just like in the American press when the culprit is non-white, race is never mentioned but dig down deep enough and you’ll find no one with a simple name like Bob, James or Linda was involved.

Even in Burlington, Ontario where I once lived as well. Back in the seventies when Burlington was a sleepy bedroom community midway between the two much larger cities of Toronto and Hamilton, when the city was 40% its current size and 100% European, ‘crime’ meant jay-walking. Earlier this month, Ramesh Kukreja, 51, of Burlington was charged with one count of sexual assault.

And now this….

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the man who made a terrorist a millionaire is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. I wonder if they are going to send a complimentary copy to the widow of U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Christopher Speer. Send another free copy to Donnie Bumanglag, the U.S. Army Medic who saved Omar Khadr’s life.

The writer of the song “The Cover of Rolling Stone”, Shel Silverstein (10/25/30 – 5/10/99), will be rolling over in his grave.

But I don’t care. It’s sad. I think it’s wrong but it’s not my battle anymore. I’m old and grumpy and as the t-shirt said, ‘killing it’. It’s up to the twenty and thirty and forty-year olds now, not me. It’s their world now, not mine.

Three weeks after ignoring politics and the state of the world, the sun still rose in the east, I’m enjoying the sights of Niagara on the Lake, making new acquaintances at the local Mennonite church and looking forward to this winter with a soon-to-be former Costco employee in a 40′ fifth wheel trailer, staying at RV Parks filled with grumpy old men like me.

So you young’uns… have at it. Believe the media spin or seek the truth. Whatever.

Just make sure my Social Security check doesn’t bounce.

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