Wherever the Road Leads

Computers – bah!

In my next life, I’m coming back as a college professor who teaches Graphic Arts software.

You get all the programs free, are always learning new things and you’d be teaching something interesting, unlike, say history or Greek literature.

Plus, all the perks that comes with being a state employee… job security, great benefits and pension, the summer off, Christmas through New Year’s off, Spring break and if happened to be in the State of Mississippi, even the birthday of General Robert E. Lee. Damn, when DO they work?

Creating web pages frustrates me, elevates my blood pressure to dangerous levels, gives me ulcers, grey hair – what’s left of it – and webbed feet. I love it. And let’s not even discuss Adobe Photoshop. That program comes with a noose in the box for when you can’t bear it any longer. I love that program, too.

Ah, but the sweet smell of success, victory, napalm in the morning, makes it all worth it. Notice the calendar on the right? It’s changed. The dates that have a blog post now show in burnt orange – hexidecimal color #D77002, to be exact. (Update… since I changed the format to this new, teal layout, the blog dates do NOT show in Tennessee orange. They show in the teal color. Maybe I should have gone with the Alabama Crimson color for this layout. THAT you could see.)

Fabulous, right? I know – you’re probably doing head bobs right now wondering if you should bother to read any further. But to me it’s like opening up the biggest Christmas present under the tree and discovering it’s NOT a sweater hand-knit by your grandma.

And if those pimply-faced Freshmen at  Mississippi State don’t feel the same way, I’ll give their sorry butts an “F”.



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  1. Iceman Ogre  December 24, 2012

    Sadly, i know exactly how you feel about your hexidecimal color #D77002. i remember the first time i was trying to have the color of a link change from cyan to green just to show you that you have already clicked on that link previously. The first time it actually worked and stayed that color, you would have thought I just won a new car! I was so excited, big smile on my face telling everyone that was in the house. Of course, no cared. No one even noticed it but for me, it was a big victory in my small war of learning to code.
    Ah, the good old days.


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